Thursday, July 14, 2011

Glassy headpin goodness and some organic and glittery focals

Hello friends!

I'm excited about what I have to offer to you today in the shop. Some are favorites like the glass headpins, but others are styles I don't frequent. I don't avoid these styles for any particular reason, they just aren't my normal bright colors. I do really enjoy the switch of some earthy beads and organic styles now and again. These different things let my mind drift outside of it's normal box :)

"Desert Serpent Sands" You may remember a set of lentils I listed awhile back that were the same style? If not you get a chance to see the lentils here. I had extras from the set and decided to make a smaller set and add a few little bits of this and that! I love the shapes, colors and balance of this set. It would make fab earrings!

"Rose Water Beach"- Wow not my normal style huh? I really do enjoy making organic beads as well because they are created with such freedom. You just add a twist here or there and maybe add some of this glass and that and WOW you end up with this fantastic bead!
It's hard to see in this photo, but the pink glass actually has some white "frothy" webbing of it's own like you see on Ivory glass. This "frothy" white reminds me of the foam that washes up on the shore when the waves roll in. So awesome!

"Turbulent Seas"- WOW have I outdone myself with this one? I LOVE the awesome bicone shape I got and the twists are just perfectly placed really giving it that turbulent feel. You can see some slight lighter hints of blue on the ends of the focal that are really pretty against the darker shades. I love the contrast of the sparkles and ivory on this one!

"Desaturate"- Yep that's what you get in photoshop when you grayscale a photo. All black, white and gray. I chose these colors because everyone loves that classic black and white. It really does go with everything. I took the fun "cork screw" colors along with opaques and 2 transparent grays including CiM's new "Twilight" glass. Its the far left headpin. A gorgeous "cool" transparent gray!

"Rainbow Streamers 2"- Ok so what makes this #2? Well the first set only had 7 colors, so for this set I added a nice cobalt blue into the mix! Roy-G-Biv along with pink! Perfect if you ask me!

Well I am getting ready for my Last Thursday event on June 28th! I kinda had this melt down the other day which rendered me useless. Do you ever get that? The "I need to do so many things I just can't function". Yeah, it was one of those days. I was freaking out about my display, and a credit card machine, and does it have electricity? can I bring a tent? Where the hell am I going to get a tent??? How am I going to get my display to the show with no car??? OMG.. *fizzle*

So how did I survive this tragic event? Well my amazing husband let me barf out my stresses. He sat down with me and went over what I had inventory wise and suggested what I should add to it. After laying out all of my finished pieces I realized I really did have a wonderful selection. I have some things that aren't in the shop (well a whole drawer full actually).  

Ricky suggested I make a few more earrings and necklaces in the $18-$25 range as well since it looked like I had the higher end things pretty much covered. He said I wanted to have a nice price range.

I even have some more coffee wall art, stitch markers, magnets, and wine charms to offer the non-jewelry folk. So I guess it's not really a crisis. Besides I get to design more right?

So speaking of designing you might wonder where I have been for BTW.  Well Wednesday is one of Ricky's days off so I usually take that day off in the middle of the week as well. We go around town, go to the markets for groceries or run errands that need to be done on that day. 

The other thing is I STILL have no bead table. With limited space in our room and no table I can only temporarily set up a spot to make jewelry at the kitchen table or on my little breakfast tray I photograph on. I try to be respectful of the common areas of the house. So that set up doesn't lead to much serendipitous designs :( I'm sure I will get something figured out. So maybe I will make that one of the tasks on my list and start posting on Wednesdays again ;)
Well I'm getting pretty hungry so I suppose some lunch is in order! See you soon!

xo Genea


Anonymous said...

You are frazzled! You said June 28. I'm sure everything will be just awesome. I can tell you take pride in your work and presentation to the public! Wish I could be there. Relax, have fun, and sell A LOT$. OK?!

p.s. I like organic beads...very cool style!

Pretty Things said...

Oh you KNOW I just want to grab those last headpins!

Genea said...

I am Hilary! Yikes! Oh lol. I meant July! Wow how the time is flying by!!
I sure do that's why I want it to be perfect yanno? ;)

I will surely try to do some relaxing! I got some more stuff done today so that makes me feel better.

Thanks about the organics. I wander in that direction from time to time ;)

Lol. Glad you like them Lori! Looks like Jan beat you to them! Don't worry though. I will make more ;)

Copper Diem said...

love those colors! esp the top ones and the gray headpins

Genea said...

Thanks so much :D I like the grays too :) Sometimes you need some classics too.

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