Friday, July 22, 2011

WING DINGS are back from their travels!

Hello friends!

Well I hadn't really expected to stock the shop today. Infact I really had planned on playing with my new glass from Bullseye(stay turned for that post and more on color)! BUT... then I got the mail and the Wing Dings have returned home after their show tour with my dear friend, Yvonne.

So what do I have in store for you today? How about a little bit for everyone? You like bright colors? I've got your order. You like classic black and white? Got that too. You like earthy? Yep, got your colors covered!

"Clearly Black & White"- Yep that about sums it up! You know what would go great with these? Yep, these!
"Desaturate"- Ok so these aren't new this week, but they would be perfect together!

"Moss & Sand"- Yep, earthy people, these are yours. Sandy brown, rusty red, avocado green.

"Pool Side"- Don't they look refreshing just like a pool with the sun gleaming off the surface of the water? This is for the rest of you dying of HEAT this summer. You will probably hit me, but it's sunny 73 and breezy here! So at least if you can't cool off outside you can feel like you can with these colors ;)

"Rainbow Party"- fitting huh? There are those BRIGHTS!

"The Other Berry"- You know all of those funky fake berry colors they give us like "blue raspberry". Yeah, I guess this is kinda like those ;) At least they don't turn your tongue blue! :P


Well if you missed it above. I visited Bullseye Glass Co finally! I can't believe it took me over a month to finally get there. It may have been the empty pocket book for glass supplies ;) Thanks so mom and dad's birthday gift I stocked up on a few colors I will be sharing with you all later!

Not sure what to do with your Wing Dings or glass headpins? Check out these babies I put together for a friends gift. Oh, yeah those SWEET rubber o's. You can find them in My ELEMENTS shop ;)
Here's another one. No, I didn't make the bead. It was created by Sue Stewart. I was asked to assemble it into a pendant for a friend. That SWEET chain, yep, from My ELEMENTS too ;)

Oh I have been meaning to show you my outside studio. Here is what it looks like.
Here's the view behind me. So why aren't I facing that way? Well I need the wall to protect me from gusts of wind. It has a way of blowing your flame all over the place yanno ;)
Well I hope you are staying cool where you are this weekend. It certainly is awesome weather here!

See you soon!

xo Genea


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