Thursday, July 7, 2011

Portland, OR pics FINALLY and an update

Hello friends!

I know I have promised pictures for awhile. So why the heck has it taken me so long? Well I have taken SO many pictures I might crash this thing if I loaded them all! So to keep things tame I will just load a few pics and if you can't stand it you can always drop by my facebook profile to check out all of them. Just be forewarned. My profile is fair game for all sorts of craziness and you will have to send a request to check things out. Unfortunately in the past I had to add that option to avoid some unpleasantries.  Anyways.... about those pictures!...

Here is Cannon Beach in Ecola State Park. Isn't it incredible?! The pictures don't even do it justice! These are pics of the Oregon coast.

Recognize it? Yeah, I wouldn't have either! This is the Goonies house! It is a real house located in Astoria, Oregon! You can't go inside, but you can walk up to the house and take pictures :)

View of the rocks you see in the Goonies from the cliff. The rocks you see in the movie are that string of triangular shaped rocks. We are on the right side of them. They are more obvious when you see them head on. We went to the state park instead of directly on the beach in front of them.

We were adventurous enough to find a way down a cliff side to get to the beach. We were lucky too since it appeared the tide must have been low uncovering amazing creatures that are normally covered up by the sea. Here are some small sea anemone. 

A green anemone. Isn't it pretty?! I was tempted to poke it's little tendrils, but I didn't know if it would sting so I just touched it's slimy top instead ;)

Another view from the cliff at Cannon Beach.

LOOK! A starfish! This is the first live one I have ever seen! Isn't he cool?!

A cluster of trees on the cliff at Cannon Beach.

The doughnut carousel at VooDoo Doughnuts

Here is the menu and front counter at the original VooDoo Doughnuts. It is open 24 hours and there is ALWAYS a long line to get in!

Ahhh the food carts! This is a total Portland, OR thing! There are clusters of food carts all over town with amazing food! This is the one at 50th and Division. The food carts are usually found in clusters all over town. They have a center area for seating and are open different times of the day depending on the area of town. They all have AMAZING food and great prices!

Holy crap! Is this awesome, or what? Not only do they recycle at the fast food chains here, but they COMPOST TOO! This is at Burgerville. Their burgers are even made out of grassfed beef! NICE!!

The Hollywood district. All the areas of town are broken up by districts. This is the sign over by where Ricky works. 

A side view of Jodi's(our roommate) backyard. I love spending time on the deck drinking my morning coffee :D

By the side of the deck. My outdoor studio is in that back corner. I need to snap a pic of it all set up for you all :)

Pad Thai and Thai iced tea from Run Chicken Run food cart. This meal was $6.50 for the Pad Thai and $2.00 for the tea. What a swingin' deal!! It was delicious too!

A view of the river while crossing one of Portlands many bridges. This is the Willamet river.

Run chicken Run cart.

A super sweet sign that is located at Pioneer Square in Downtown Portland.


Ok so I haven't officially purchased tools yet, but I thought you all might be interested in my finds. Many of you suggested Harbor Freight, which looks like it might be my best bet as far as cost and the fact that they have one locally. My other choice was Widget Supply which is also local to Portland and would be free shipping since my order would be over $100. Have a looksy :)


I will be attending the first bead show since I've moved here. It's being put on by Gem Faire. It will be fun to go with Ricky and check things out. I have not heard of many of the vendors so it will be exciting to meet people from this area.

I was excited to be accepted into the Portland Area Etsy group, PDX Etsy! There are currently 821 members! I am excited to meet up with them on July 23rd!

I have also managed to land myself a spot to set up for Last Thursday on Alberta. The last Thursday of every month they close down Alberta street so artists and performers can gather. I had a really wonderful time on my first visit this past June 30th and can't wait to be a vendor at the end of this month! I will be located at Radio Room. I really LOVE this sweet little bar/espresso bar. They have an awesome upstairs outdoor area as well as a downstairs outdoor area with a fire pit!

Well that includes my update for today. I will be busily working to stock the shop and prepare for my upcoming show! 

I hope you are enjoying your summer!

xo Genea


Copper Diem said...

looks like you guys are having lots of fun exploring! Yay!

Genea said...

OMG we totally are! I still have a ton of photos to edit and upload to fb. Did you see all of my different galleries with new photos?

EB Bead and Metal Works said...

Love those photos! Almost makes me wish I did move out there when my best friend was nagging me to :) Oh, that Pad Tai looks oh so yummy! Good luck with your tool purchases!

Genea said...

Thanks EB! This really is a fraction of the photos I have taken. There are many more on my FB profile page. I have been taking SO many photos that I am way behind on editing them.

OMG, it's so amazing out here and I have only been here for about 3 weeks! So much to see, places to go, creative people! Wow!

You still could move you know! You would know 2 people in Portland already ;)

OMG, it was as delicious as it looks!

Thanks so much :D

xo Genea

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