Monday, June 6, 2011

The most beautiful place on earth- Portland, OR

Hello friends!

Well we are officially here in Portland, OR!  Wow is it GORGEOUS! It is seriously one of the most beautiful places I have EVER seen!

We drove across the top of the state on 84. It's all mountains/foothills! Then you drop elevation through dense trees on down to sea level! It's so amazing here. 

I have been told by the locals that I came at a good time. I guess in the summer time people rejoice the sun. I think the heat followed me. It was in the 80's here and sunny. I got my first Portland sunburn ;) lol

I had hoped to have things up and running by now, but I guess that's my crazy unreasonable expectations. I finally got our room kinda situated. It's hard fitting 1/8 of a houses possessions of your house inside one room with 2 large dog crates! I figure once I get a book shelf and computer desk it will be about as organized as it's going to get for now. 

I'm glad to say that the dogs have adjusted really well. There is a nice calm here in the house with our roommates :)

I wish I had pictures for you all, but until the pc is up with our wireless installed properly I'm not able to upload pics or do listings for the shop :( It shouldn't be too much longer though. 

We are thinking of going to IKEA soon to check out furniture. I need to get a lampwork desk and chair before I can make some beads. I will be setting up my studio outdoors in a half brick wall car port. We are thinking this should work pretty well. I will just put bags over my equipment when they aren't in use to protect them from the moisture in the air.

Well I just thought I would write you all a quick blip to let you know we arrived safely and are enjoying our new home in the PNW(Pacific North West).

See you soon!



pam ferrari said...

Glad you made it safely. I have heard oregon is beautiful. Good luck in your new place.

Cinderelish said...

Yeah! So happy for you Genea.

Copper Diem said...

It is beautiful! glad you are on the pacific side! welcome!

Genea said...

Thanks Pam! It really is incredible here!

Thanks Cindy! :D

Agreed, Amy! Me too! Thanks so much :)

Cindy said...

So nice to hear you are getting settled...welcome to your new home! What an exciting time!
And I'm glad you clarified that one for me - PNW....being from VA, I wasn't familiar with that one!

Genea said...

Yes indeed it is!

Oh good :) Glad I solved that mystery for ya ;)

xo G

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