Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just around the corner- Moving Day

Hello friends!

I can hardly believe the day is almost here! When I look pictures of my new city my eyes well up and my heart swells.
Here it is, my dream come true and we are just a few days from being on the road leading us there! Ricky and I used to sit on the couch and dream about these days. Dreams are achievable, but only if you NEVER give up! I really love that first image I found. I came across it accidentally, or well maybe it was just the perfect message put out there for me to receive. 

 I hope you got an opportunity to enjoy the moving sale :) I closed up the shop temporarily until we are done moving. I need to get everything packed up(what's left in the studio) and get ready to go! I will re-open the shop as soon as we arrive and I locate the nearest postal place :) I am really hoping to sort out a studio spot quickly!
On that note of re-stocking I have just been informed by Lorelei that corrections on crediting me for my beads made with her fabulous jewelry have been made. I will be getting more of those items made as soon as I get set back up, so please bear with me as I go through that process :)

Coffee bracelet and earrings by Lorelei Eurto.

"Transparent Trillium" by Lorelei Eurto.

I have had the extreme pleasure of having my beads whisked away to the Bead & Button show! My dear friend, Yvonne of My ELEMENTS will have them for sale at her booth!
Wing Dings.
Some NEW goodies to check out a the show from My ELEMENTS.

Well off to pack everything up!

See you in PORTLAND!!!

xo Genea


Jen V. said...

Hey girl...good luck with your move! I used some of your beads along with an Artisan Clay pendant and I'm loving the whole look...please go see...I'm so proud to share!

Genea said...

Hey girlie!

Thanks so much!

I LOVE the designs! Fantastic work! I left you some comments! Added your pic to my fb fanpage designer gallery :D

You should be! They ROCK!

xo Genea

maryharding said...

Have a great trip. Can't wait to hear from you and see pics of your new place and studio. I am sooo happy for you.

Genea said...

Thanks Mary! I can't wait to share! Thanks so much :)

xo Genea

Copper Diem said...

love the quote. so excited for your move! Yay!!

Genea said...

Me too :D I had a lot more people that thought this was some pipe dream than people that really believed we would do it. Neener neener *sticks out tongue*

Me too! Yay!! :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats Genea! Have a great move! I know you'll love Portland!

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