Sunday, May 22, 2011

NEW Coffee Themed Beads in the Shop!

Hello friends!

I did it! I did it! I wasn't sure what the day would hold, but since it was BALLS HOT and humid today that meant no lampworking. So instead I roasted on the porch just long enough to shoot some photos for listings!

I was totally in LOVE with the beads and NEW headpins I made for mom's birthday! Incase you didn't see them, here is her set.

Pretty f*ing amazing if I do say so myself!  Well you all know I love coffee and I love you, SO I made more!

So what do I have in the shop for you today?
Perfect Cup "Butternut". I do wish the picture wasn't so grainy, but for some reason this baby wasn't cooperating with me inside or outside. I assure you, it's awesome ;)
"Coffee Bean Mixxer" featuring my NEW sculptural coffee themed glass headpins and coffee bean dotted bead!
"Coffee Bean Blend" set of 5 sculptural and droplet headpins! A coffee bean, paddle with coffee bean accent, paddle with heart accent and 2 spotty drop headpins! Wowee!

Shop sale announcement coming this week!

Have a fabulous week!

Much love,



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