Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Too HOT so stockin' the SHOP

Hello friends!

Wow two days in a row! That must be some sort of record. Well I am going stir crazy while trapped in the confines of the "cool" basement. The a/c is out here and it's balls f*ing hot and humid in Missouri today. What temperature is that exactly? Well it's 86 degrees with a high of 93. Ugh... I will be SO glad to be moving! I am much more of a cooler weather creature.

Anyways.. since I am stuck inside and can't bear the thought of turning on a hot torch, hot kiln,  hot concentrator, or hot soldering iron it doesn't leave me many things left to do. I figured I would list a few more things in the shop and then maybe sit down and design something? I am in need of some funky anklet. I have a few, but they are OLD, and when I say OLD I mean one has a basemetal clasp with some czech glass beads and seed beads LOL. So I'm sure my ankle would like a pretty new mixed-media adornment of sorts. Lime and aqua, of course. I wonder how the rubber o's would feel on your ankle?

ANYWAYS..... I suppose you want to see what I just listed, right? Right.

OMG and this blog is "short and sweet"! Well how 'bout that?! lol.

Well I'm off to russle up some grub for lunch.


Much love,



Genea said...

"Bits of Rainbow" is the only set left. Other two are SOLD! Thank you!

Cindy said...

Genea, not surprised to see my favorite set is sold (Sea Lime)...just LOVE the colors you used in that set!

Genea said...

Not to worry Cindy, they are my favorite colors too so there will be more in those colors :D

Genea said...

Cindy, I'm working on getting more made. I will message you when they are done and give ya first dibs ;)

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