Thursday, March 10, 2011

A few quick words and Etsy shop update!

Hello friends!

A few words before I get into my posting about what's new in the shop today....

Ok so I am not the best blog follower so please, PLEASE don't take it personally.  It's not that I don't care, I just don't have the time :( I am still working on balance for my business and as it is now I need to find a way to cut down on internet time and find more ways to spend more time creating. I want to give each and everyone one of you my special attention so I do my best to respond back to you. If you wrote to me and didn't get a response I must have missed it. Please know I would never ignore your messages, or posts to me intentionally.

Also wanted to share Rebecca's post about her latest bead purchases and some glass headpins she ordered from me like the ones I used in my and Mary's Bead Soup swap. Hop on over to her blog and see all of the pretties she picked up :)

Ok so excuse the mass loading of items in the shop. It is terribly over due so to make up for it, I tried to stock it full today. I seriously have piles of beads and jewelry to load into my shop, including my jewelry from the Bead Soup Blog!

Wing Dings "Berrylicious" Ok peeps this is it. That really pretty transparent pinkish purple on the left and the one purply one in the middle. I don't have much of that glass left. If you love it, don't wait too long!  When it says odd lot I may only have a few rods of colors and when it's gone, it's GONE. Sad for both of us :(

Wing Dings "Juicy Watermelon" Same thing here. The pretty streaky pink glass is almost gone. I'm down to ONE rod :(

*Whew* and I'm off! I've worked my little tush off this week and I am taking the next 3 days off!(If you make a purchase I will send it out the same day. It just means other work related stuff). Have a wonderful weekend!

Much love,



Rebecca said...

Thanks for linking up to me Genea! You've got some gorgeous new work in your shop I *wish* I had $65 and I would totally snaffle (can't stop using that word now!) Sea Spirals! My colours to a T. Just beautiful. If they are still there next time I have some money....they will be coming over to the UK without a doubt...!

Jen V. said...

Just got my shoppin' on...thanks for the new goodies!

Genea said...

Rebecca- Sure thing! Thanks for sharing on your blog ;)

Thanks so much :D Still truckin' away! So much to list still!

Awww, well I love making the tornado candies so I was thinking I should make some more up.. have to tackle my list up and see if I can get back around to them!

Lol@snaffle! I bet it sounds so cute with your British accent. I have a friend from England and I just LOVE to listen to her talk especially when she uses English terms that we don't say here!

Jen- Sure thing! Thanks for your purchase! Please send over pics when you make something and I will share on here and on fb :)

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