Friday, March 25, 2011

Spinning my wheels

Hello friends!

Wow what a week! It's been one of those where the days go by and I wonder what I got accomplished. I would say a good portion of my week was spent working on my submission to 500 rings. I am pleased to say that even though things fell through with the first photos that my other friends came to the rescue and got some really fantastic shots!

So if you are one of what I call the "pressure cooker" types(people that work best under pressure at the last minute) you could still squeak by and get your entry in. You have 5 more days ;)

So why am I here today? Well with the "lack" of productivity I felt like I had this week I thought I should get some new stuff in my shop. Remember the piles of things I told you needed to be photographed and listed? Well I got some awesome new goodies listed today. Wanna see?

New in the shop....
If a picture was worth a thousand words, I would have nailed it here. Yeah, I know, It's f*ing awesome huh?! :D
"Watermelon Rind" my FIRST glass toggle ever! No, really, I made if before the one I used in my "Gold Dust" necklace ;) Suhweet huh?!
Flying Gravity Whirls - "Peacock" Oooo looky! "Dark" colors ;) You know I'm usually all about my aqua blue :D
"Asphalt Luminosity" If you were diggin on the "City of Industry" bracelet you will love these babies. That same cool slate gray and lemony yellow. Yahoo!
"Cream on Top"- Dreamy, creamy ivory. Soft and sweet.

Well I suppose I better see if I can start prepping dinner for the family. I invited everyone over for pita pizzas and a yummy mango ginger cream pie!

Now if only they would turn my damn water back on! A water main broke this morning at 8am and I have yet to have some water.  You know it's not all bad except for the fact you can't use your TOILET! Ack.

Have a great weekend!

Much love,


P.S. I will post the winner for the GPQ soldered charm tutorial on Monday! Hurry up and leave a comment. Today is the last day!


FryeStyle said...

I'm diggin' your color choices for the Asphalt Luminosity. I'm seeing a lot of this combination in modern quilts and interior design. Very mod!

Genea said...

Oh nice! I'm trendy and didn't even know it! lol. It's all Mary's fault for making gray and yellow beads ;) Hooray! I'm totally down with mod :D

Beadroe said...

Awesome toggle clasp.

maryharding said...

Hi genea, Love that glass toggle. Really n icely done and such fun!! And count me in on the giveaway!!

Libby Leuchtman said...

Holy moly that is one nice ring! It's beautiful.

Genea said...

@Beadroe Thanks. I was happy with how it turned out. I still need to make a glass bar for that really pretty flower ring I made ;)

Thanks Mary! Yep, sure will add ya ;)

Thanks Libby :) It turned out really nice. I need to try some more.

Copper Diem said...

love the yellow and gray (well, all of them, but so rare to see yellow and gray, my favs) very nice!!!

somethingunique said...

Hi Genea, that toggle is abso fabu and would fit right in with one of my unique designs just love it!!!! ttfn L:)

Genea said...

Thanks Amy :D

Thanks L :)

Pretty Things said...

LOOOOOOOVE. So much love.

Genea said...

Thanks Lori! :D <3

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