Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Beginnings- Moving to Portland, Oregon

Hello friends!

I have been waiting for this day.... Now that it's finally happened I am waiting to wake up. About a year ago Ricky and I decided that we wanted to move to the Pacific North West(PNW) . We were thinking Portland, but wouldn't have been upset to move to Washington either. 

So why Portland? Well for several reasons.... Ricky is a personal trainer and health is very important in that area that means lots of opportunity. Kansas City isn't really the healthiest area. It's also the 2nd greenest city in the entire world! You all know how much I love my little green planet! So what's in it for me? Well this area is also a HUGE glass area! The arts are very important! Bullseye and Uroboro's factory's are in Portland and moving there I will be only 2 hours from Frantz Art Glass and Creation is Messy! Talk about AMAZING!

I think I am still in shock. I mean just 2 short weeks ago Ricky decided to just start applying in Portland. He got an overwhelming response and off he went on a place to seek our fortune. Now here we are. He will be working part time at the YMCA doing classes and working full time at 24 Hour Fitness. I will be in the glass mecca. It's just really incredible!  
So the next few month's I will be living here in Kansas City while he will be living in Portland getting things ready for us. I was hoping to get out there in two months, but I am thinking it will be when our lease is up June 3rd.

I just want to thank God for the many blessings he has brought into this amazing life he has in store for me. 

I want to thank all of you for your prayers, positive thoughts and encouraging words. It means the world to me!

Thanks for sharing this adventure with me!

See you soon!

Much love,



Krys Mann said...

Congratulations! It will be fabulous! I am very happy for you guys!

Genea said...

Thanks Krys! We are soooo excited!

Libby Leuchtman said...

I am kind of happy and kind of sad. Happy that you are living your dream, but bummed you are moving very far away from St. Louis.

Genea said...

Awww thanks Libby. I understand that. You get to KC often? I'm pretty sure I won't be making it to STL before I move. Never know though. Life can surprise you!

Courtney said...

Yeah for you both! So psyched for you.

Cindy said...

YAY YOU!! The prayers paid off!!

Genea said...

@Courtney- Thanks! We are so excited!! Can't wait.

@Cindy- Thanks so much for your prayers! They did indeed work! Praise Jesus! ;)

SueBeads said...

How awesome! Living near GLASS and not having to ORDER it! Wahoo!

Genea said...

@Sue- I know, right?!! :D:D:D Guess who's going to clean Bullseye out of all of their odd lots?! Muahahahahahahah!

Rebecca said...

How exciting for you guys! It's so fab to begin a new adventure. I blogged about your lovely headpins amongst others! They're fab.

Genea said...

Hey Rebecca! Oh I know! I am super excited! Still in shock and so much to do before arriving. My head is spinning!

Aww thanks so much. I will check it out and link back to you :)

Karen Williams said...

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest! My husband and I moved out from Columbia, Missouri almost 10 years ago now, and absolutely love it here.

So much to do and so much natural beauty all around. Enjoy your move and exploring your new home!

Genea said...

Hi Karen!

Thank you! I only wish I was there already! Just a few short months to go! How awesome!

That is what I've heard! I can hardly wait!! Thanks so much!

xo Genea

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