Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We're in some Treasuries! Check 'em out :)

Hello friends!

Just thought I would share the treasuries in which we have been featured. I always love to check out what other artists are doing :)

"No time to say hello, Goodbye!"  I just LOVE Alice in Wonderland so I am always excited to show up in these treasuries :D The cheshire cat is my favorite character. I even have a tattoo :D
This tattoo is of the Cheshire Cat from the Norturnal Wonderland rave flyer back in 2000. It says "P.L.U.R," which is the "raver code". It stands for: Peace, love, unity, and respect". 
 "Rainbow Bright". You all know that color is my passion so I'm also super excited to show up in super rainbowtastic treasuries as well :D Don't you LOVE that rainbow soap?! So cool!

Ok well I'm off! Lots to do!

Have a fantastic day!

Much love,



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