Monday, March 14, 2011

Days have been different

Hello friends!

Just a little update about this and that.

The days of old.....

So let's visit my used to be typical morning....

Mmmm delicious coffee in the Typhoon mug I snagged from my sister(they don't ship to the US anymore :( )

Ricky's latest masterpiece for breakfast :D

Firing up the torch to make KICK ASS BEADS :D

Glass headpins in the kiln. Yes, it's blurry. I didn't want to melt my camera. It is a steamy 968 degrees in there!

Since we are on that subject... Here are glass headpins in their natural environment.

See why I can only fit 3 sets in there at a time? They totally FILL the kiln. Can't get them too close together or they kiss and that means no good headpins :(

Ricky dearest and me. Ah boo, I sure do miss seeing him daily :(

The days of new.....

So my days start out a little bit different now, but they are still pretty cool.  I saw Georgia this morning. She stopped by to pick up some lampwork beads to go with her new beaded bead creations.
Aren't they absolutely GORGEOUS?! She knew she could come to me and find some nice limey greens  for her necklace :D I can't wait to see what she makes!

Today I received THIS in the mail :D

The bead I won from Pixiebug's give away during the bead soup blog :) Didn't Chris do a beautiful job? :D
Here you can see my bead in it's new home in my printers tray on the wall. Recognize any other famous beads? ;) My new beady will sit here comfortably with it's friends until I make it into something.

This also came in the mail on Friday! Glass Pattern's Quarterly Spring 2011 with my soldered charm's tutorial! :D:D:D I was lucky enough to have gotten 5 copies from them so I will be doing a give-away for one this week. Just trying to figure out how to set it up. Any suggestions are welcome. I need to find one of those number generator thingies so it can pick the winner.

Here is what I made for lunch. Just cooked them on 400 for 10 mins. They were f*ing delicious. I guess I could just live on eggy scrambles and pita pizzas until Ricky returns ;)

See look! Not that bad for you either :D This was clipped from my account. The first column is the calories, second is carbs, thrid is fat, and last is protein. Sorry it's teeny. If you click on the image it will get normal sized in another window.

Thank God there is family......

Yesterday I was feeling pretty poopy and grumpy. Mom invited me over for grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup :D It's silly, but it was really nice to go to mom's and eat such a simple, belly warming and heart warming meal :)

While I was there she asked me to do a few "fixes" to her jewelry. Unfortunately it took me WAY longer that it should have since she didn't have the same supplies or tools. This made me want to rip my hair out and scream. Gotta love tasks and pms... She did feed me chocolate though so that helped ;)

Here is one of mom's fringe necklaces with Czech glass, stones, and my ammonite bead from the class I took with Andrea Guarino-Slemmons. Don't inspect it too closely it was my learning bead ;)

On this one I took some silky cord she had and just simply knotted the pendant to the necklace. Mom wanted me to add the focals to her necklaces.

Mom is also the collector of my "bucket beads". These are my seconds. She is the ONLY one that gets them for her own jewelry making. The "Florbital" on this necklace is a little whompy incase you were trying to figure out what was wrong with it. It has a few stubby petals too. Still a pretty bead though, and I bet you wouldn't have noticed otherwise, right?

So for this necklace I had to get creative. As you can see there is already a center bead. I ran nylon cords through the center of the florbital, knotted it, ran them through either side of the center bead on the necklace, knotted those ends to make stoppers and then strung seed beads and dangles to the cords to make them blend in with the rest of the necklace. They are the little fringies with the little bit of cording sticking out on the left side you can see them best.

Well I guess that's all for now. Even my "short" blogs tend to get wordy and long. Hopefully you made it through this one.

I'm still blog hopping too btw. So I'll get to you eventually ;) Oh yeah, speaking of blogs. I made my cup of soup button for Lori's site today. Here is what it looks like.

It's cute huh? I like it. You know who I am and what I make. Some simple fun wing dings and some very artistic and challenging bead-inside-a-bead-hollows ;)

Ok I'm really going now...

Have a great day!

Much love,



Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks pretty exciting to me! Hey, I had grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch today too. Small world. Nice bead collection. Cool way to display them too! Oh, and I find that chocolate cures a lot of woes. I eat a piece, and "whoa", I'm immediately feeling much better!

Genea said...

Hey Hilary!

Yum! Isn't that the perfect feel good meal? I really love the pacific brand creamy tomato soup! Soo delicious!

Thanks about the beads :)

Yes, chocolate is my dear friend.

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