Tuesday, February 8, 2011

SNEAK PEEK- Bead Soup design piles

Hello friends!

I thought you might like to see my bead soup design piles.
Safety first! So designing some beads to go with some of the awesome stuff Mary sent me made me work with materials I usually don't, like enamels.
Here was the paper that inspired me. This was actually the second design in my head, but you know inspiration. It can come from anywhere even if you had started being inspired by something else.

Here is the pile of beads I had going for this piece. Don't worry, I didn't spoil the surprise, it ended up WAY different! lol.

 Here is what's on my table today! I busted out the silver leaf, reduction frit and even fumed a few beads(didn't really work like I thought). After wasting 2 full sheets of silver leaf, I packed up the fuming for another time. On the far right you can see a mandrel with my test bead spacers trying to decide which colors would suit the pendant best. 

Mary sent me 2 toggle bars so I decided to be a snot and make both work :D I decided to take the "art" bar off of the first project I made and use the really pretty custom bar that Miss Fickle Media specially makes for Mary. Her pieces really are quite amazing in person. I was impressed with the ultra thick coating of enamel on the toggle bar! Very awesome! 
Here is what Mary has on her bead table. Mary is a fabulous bead stitcher , so I can't wait to see what she makes with my discs! :D

I hope everyone else is having as amazing of a time designing as I am!

Happy Creating!

Much love,



maryharding said...

Your bead table is so interesting and exciting. I love the colors you have made to go with the raku and I think the skyscraper component/bldg is super cool. I love the way you keep tempting and enticing us about what you made!!!

Genea said...

Lol, thanks :) I had to crop the yellow beads photo so you couldn't see the other finished designs sitting on the top end of the bead mat ;)

OMG, me too! They compliment your piece SO well!

Thanks, I didn't end up using it. The "roof top" angles didn't match the building angles. It's SO hard to see the edges of clear glass to judge where everything else needs to be. Does that make any sense at all?

Oh yay! It is SO hard for me to keep secrets! The suspense is killng me on my end too!

The piece I made with your Raku pendant is my very FAVORITE. I keep walking past my bead table to look at it again and again and smile :D

Pretty Things said...

I am such a slacker (or maybe I could be nice and say I'm overextended!) -- I haven't touched my soup yet. I hope making Valentines this weekend doesn't take too long and I can start jumping in!

Genea said...

lol, whatever works for ya ;)
I am one of those people that likes to get my tasks done, and luckily Mary's beads "spoke" to me right away. Sometimes I have stuff sit in my bead box for literally years until they work perfectly in a new piece I am creating.

I'm sure your Valentine's stuff will spark your creativity. **Sending you super good beady karma**

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