Friday, February 4, 2011

My HAUL from my bead soup patner, Mary Harding!

Hello friends!
I am just now getting to tell you all about the amazing things I got in the mail from Mary just a few days ago! I even took photos while I opened the box so even though you weren't here with me you could feel like you were opening the box :)
Here was what the box looked like after opening up the envelope :) Sweet! Bonus charm on the outside ribbon!!
The box with the lid open. Oh a teaser! A card with her pretties on it. I am not sure if the paper in here is some sort of eco paper towel or what, but I was excited my box came in an eco envelope I could recycle :D
 The first layer! WOW! Look at all these goodies!! But, wait there is MORE...

Oh sweet! Some MORE bead sets!! :D
Oooo What a pretty pendant and ANOTHER  bead set!...
HOLY CRAP! Look at all of the AWESOME stuff on the bottom!! A Raku bead, ANOTHER bead set, one of Mary's AWESOME clay flower patterned toggles, and PERSONALIZED stamped copper bead caps with my NAME  :D:D:D

 Here is a shot of the loot all out on a bamboo mat! Wow! What a collection huh?! Where does one start with all of this amazing stuff???!

Here is another shot so you can see things at a different angle.
Here is a close up of that flower clasp! Sweet huh?! I love the hand stamped "Art" bar and the green coated one! So cool! You can also see one of Mary's lovely glass pendants and MY bead caps!!
Here is a close up of my bead caps! They are stamped with: lotus flowers?, swirly hearts, doves, "art", "GB" and "Genea" :D Isn't that SO sweet? Growing up with an unusual name it's so awesome to have something with your name on it :D

So what are my plans for my awesome new stash from Mary?  Well here is the "creative mess" on my bead table. You may have seen it over on the Bead Table Wednesday Flickr pool :)

I noticed my super sweet yellow clay beads from Mary would match the pendant that Tracee Dock, of The Classic Bead made for me awhile back! I jumped out of bed and started laying beads out on my table. I even was dreaming about the designs I was going to make to match them!

Here is some other stuff I have laid out on my table. Not sure what I am going to design yet. I am leaving the beads out so they can "talk" to me :)

See you soon!

Much love,



Courtney said...

It all looks amazing! I can't wait to see what you create!

Genea said...

It's SO much fun! I'm actually going to sit at my bead table right now and see what I can create with the stuff in the 2nd photo.

I have some other goodies in my kiln for the stuff in the first picture :D

maryharding said...

Genea, you make me feel so appreciated. Thank you! Thank you! I had such fun making those bead caps for you. The idea just came to me as I was going along to put your cool name on one. And when it didn't fit too well I realized GB would work since that is your LOGO. I know you will make fun and lovely pieces. Best of all I know you are enjoying yourself. What more could I ask than that my beads give joy. You are the best!!

rockcreekcreations said...

Cool Stash!! I'm having fun working with my goodies also!

Genea said...

Awww good! You are so welcome! Thank you so much! I love it when ideas come like that!

I was looking through the box when I first got it, and I was like "Does that say "GB"?" "Are those my business initials?!" :D

That really is what it's all about, right? Sharing joy of creating your work and having someone appreciate it! As are you, my friend!

@RCC Thanks! It has been so much fun! Oh wonderful! I'm glad you are having as great of a time as I am! :)

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