Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BTW February 22nd

Hello friends!

Wow, you all just amaze me with all of the wonderful pictures and posts from today's Bead Table Wednesday!

Here I will show you two photos. I have to be mindful of my posts until I get a Pro account for Flickr.
This is the "clean" part of my table. Left : Atlantis lentil, a ruffle daisy, disc, and wing ding using Atlantis, Possible glass headpin set that needs a few more pins, rekket disc beads like the ones I posted in my necklace on facebook, smurfy wing dings, a "Z" scrabble tile for a project, rubber o's from My Elements.
Right: top corner is enameled off white chain, my soldered charm and some hilltribe lentils(my design in the works), more glass headpins(pastel ones are opal glass), the others are called "moonstone" colors they are somewhat translucent, a few straggler spotty droplet headpins.
Here is a little bit closer photo of the right side of the table. Here you can see the glass headpins a little better.
The little pile of opaly glass headpins are: Messy Kryptonite, Messy Crocus, and Messy Rose Quartz. Directly across from those headpins is a lentil made with NEW Messy Rainforest, Great Bluedini Unique, and silvered ivory.

The transparent ish ones under it are moon stones: Messy Peacock Green, and Messy Halong Bay and then a few spotty droplet headpins. I only got one more set done today, but I will get more in the shop.

Well lots to do!
See you soon.

Much love,



Cindy said...

where do you get all the scrabble tiles? Can you just buy the ones you want? Thanks.

Genea said...

Hey Cindy,

My mom actually bought this set at a garage sale. I would just check thrift stores, garage sales or maybe search "scrabble tile" on Etsy and see if anyone is selling them.

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