Wednesday, February 2, 2011

RE-LOADED- Stocked up the Etsy shop!

Hello friends!

I had SO much stuff to list I just decided since it was too cold to work in the studio I would list on Etsy.
I have a nice little sampling of a few more Valentine's Day items and some more Vortex Flowers, glass headpins and some soldered scrabble tiles!

Wanna see what's new?
"Dragon Tears" set of 7 glass droplet headpins on 24ga copper wire.
Here is the way I suggest wrapping these super FUN glassy headpins!
The sun totally wasn't cooperating with me to shoot outside, but isn't this inside photo KILLER?! :D

Now for the HEARTY stuff....

Lovey Dovey girl. Sweet little dove with pink cheeks and pink heart wings.

Lovey Dovey Boy. A sweet little boy dove with white heart wings.

Here is a design I made last year using my "Lovey Dovey's" hearts and more.
This item is SOLD, but I thought you might like to see if for inspiration :)

"Queen of Hearts". A super TWISTED lipstick red heart with bands of raked and whirled glittery goldstone.
"Be Mine" - a teensy set of 6 round spacers a mini spotty heart.
"X" and "O" soldered scrabble tile charms. Where the hell are the rings? Well I figured it totally sucks when you see something you like, but wish the holes or rings were on the opposite sides. This listing offers the rings to be soldered on the top and bottom or the sides! SUH-WEET! Design away!

 Demonstration of rings soldered top and bottom or on the sides. Ring size will be the size of the rings in the "X" photo.

Feeling inspired?

Stay warm!

Much love,



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