Monday, February 7, 2011

Life of an uninsured artist

Hello friends...

Wa, wa wa... if you havn't already heard about it on facebook. I have had the misfortune of a pain worse than my barometric pressure sinus headaches. What is this terrible pain of which I speak, TOOTH PAIN. Ugh... so what's the story? Well very unluckily I happen to be one of those that suffer from my wisdom teeth(why the hell do they call them that anyways, they are ANYTHING, but full of wisdom!).

On the right side of my mouth on the bottom my wisdom tooth decided it was a good idea to grow in at an angle. In the midst of it's growing it pushed so hard on my molar a corner of it popped off :( Over the last little while another piece broke off giving me pain for a few days before getting stuck to my gum and coming out. After a few days it healed up and life went on until recently......

About 6 days ago my tooth cracked again. I felt it wiggle in it's socket when I went to swish some liquid in my mouth. SHIT! So I did my normal regiment of:gently brushing the area, rinsing with mouth wash, doing a salt water swish, and eating ibuprofen. The first two days were just awful. It throbbed. I couldn't, and still can's shut my mouth because if I try to let the left side of my jaw rest the bottom widsom tooth barb jabs me in the gum on the top shelf and then shoots pain to the nerve on the bottom shelf. It doesn't help that the weather is getting all crazy again and instead of the pressure effecting my head it's all hanging out around my tooth.

So over the last few days I have not been able to eat, get a restful sleep, and am in pain while I am awake. It's just down right awful! I can think of nothing else, but this damn tooth unless it's one of those times before bed where I have just taken meds. Sometimes I get inspired as I try to sleep, weird.  I am just exhausted :( Ricky found a football mouth guard he had that he had worn a few times(gross, I know, but when you are desperate, you don't really care :( ). He cleaned it and boiled it in water to try to re-press my teeth shape into it and cut it so it only fit the first 4 teeth. It didn't really fit, but it did prop up my jaw so my teeth didn't touch. I have been getting a wicked cramp in my jaw from trying to hold it open.

I am also one of those people that clench their teeth when the concentrate and when they sleep. I guess I must have been doing it the other night because I woke up in excruciating pain. I grabbed the mouth guard, hot wash cloth and meds and returned to my bed to try to get some rest.  Luckily the mouth guard gave my teeth some support so it could kind of let the area heal.

So that is the crap I have been going through the last few days. Why am I typing it here. I dunno, I guess I hope in some weird way getting it out in text will make it magically disappear(one could only be so lucky!). I called around to try to get an estimate and it's sounding like it will be around $400-$500. We don't get paid until Friday(Ugh that seems like forever!).

Ricky has been really sweet. He found a "free" clinic online and put many calls in to them, but it's one of those deals where you have to call at 8am and keep trying to make an appointment. He called several times and got the message recording and left 3 messages. We have not heard back, so I hope they do work and then spend the end of the day calling people to set up their appointments. I guess they don't take walk-ins. *sigh*

I am a pretty tough cookie generally emotionally and physically. It takes a lot to make me crumple up, but damn this tooth. It really is just awful!

So if anyone out there has any remedies that work, prayers, positive thoughts and support it would be greatly welcomed. Thanks for listening.

Much love,



Genea said...

Thanks to everyone who has been e-mailing me with their kind words and support. It means a lot to me :)

xo Genea

pam ferrari said...

Get some ambesol. It will numb the area. If you broke the tooth in front of the 3rd molors and your in so much pain it may be the nerve is exposed. Get some soft wax put on the tooth to cover it. These are just temporary fixes. You need to get to a dentist. Hope this helps. I am a retired Dental asst.

Pretty Things said...

OMG. Tooth pain is the worst, I swear. Today I just took the kidlet to get teeth filled and he's a grumpy dude indeed. I've had two root canals and I can empathize.

((((((Hugs, but gently!)))))))

Genea said...

@Pam, I have some ambesol, it works pretty well. I am figuring out more and more it seems like if I can just keep my top teeth from resting on the ouchie wisdom tooth it does much better.

I had wondered about the dental was. I used a piece of gum to prop up my jaw today in the teeth closer to the front to relieve some tension. Worked pretty well.

Yeah, it feels like the cracked portion hits the nerve. I am just hoping that cracked part will push it's way up and out and that the gum will cover up in the injuried spot until I can see a dentist.

I know I need to see a dentist :( I am trying, trust me. It has pretty much been you need to pay a $100 x-ray and then they can tell you how much more it will be. I have the sinking feeling it will be more than what we get paid on Friday :( Hoping and praying though....

@ Lori, It really IS! I can handle pretty much anything else, but this is just awful! I bet he was grumpy, I hate the dentist :( Ugh.. I bet those were not fun at all :(
*hugs* to you, thanks :)

Genea said...

Light at the end of the tunnel, FINALLY. A friend suggested a clinic close to my house that will charge $314 on the high end(could be less if they don't have to dig around and pull out pieces *hulah*(that's a barf noise btw)). My appointment is set up for Friday @1pm! Only a few more days to go! :D

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