Friday, February 18, 2011

It's ALL your fault- Totally INSPIRED!

Hello friends!

I just wanted to share with you that it's totally, ALL Heather's fault. For what? Well for INSPIRING me!  So I don't know if you saw it, but on February 9th for Bead Table Wednesday this is what Heather posted on her blog.
Here is one of the photos, but you totally need to go to her blog to see the rest! She put together these bead piles from Dream Girl Beads along with some of her beautiful Willow Pendants.  I forgot just how much I loved brown and turquoise together. I had a few more beads to make for the Bead Cruise packages so I decided to use the colors in this palette.

I thought that it would be a  bummer to get all of these amazing boxes of art beads and have to put them all into bags(that and it's an awful lot of work to plan such big events), so I decided Heather needed some fun beads for her creations as well. I figured since these were some of the colors she picked out that it was probably a pretty safe bet that she liked them ;)

So while making these beads I decided to make these discs in the same color palette. I was excited to add Creation is Messy's NEW color "Atlantis" to the set. This color is so NEW it's not yet listed on the page, but you can be sure it will be added to the Blue's section soon! It will also be available at Frantz Art Glass, so keep an eye out ;)
After creating these beads I had an amazing idea for a finished design. Dang, I was totally trying to make these for my shop! 
 Here is the finished necklace. I am SO excited because I knew I wanted the discs to hang in tiers like this, but I wasn't sure how I was going to get it to work out. Well as you can see, I did it! :D I love it when that happens!

Here is another angle shot. Pretty f*ing sweet, if you ask me! I LOVE it :D I called this piece "Running in Circles". 

Wishing you much inspiration and a weekend of awesome!

Much love,



MartaWeaverJewelry said...

Thanks Genea for mentioning Dream Girl Beads as part of your inspiration for your gorgeous colorful creations! Love the combinations...Marta

Genea said...

Hey Marta!

Thanks for inspiring me :) Thanks to you and Heather!

Dee said...

Love the beads, love the necklace, want some beads!!!!

Genea said...

Thanks Dee! Me too :D

I've gotten such great feedback on these colors and styles. I will be making some beads in these colors this coming week. I will keep everyone posted :)

maryharding said...

Totally fantastic necklace, Genea. Those circles are fab. And I love the colors. Just radiates enery and joie de vivre!!

Genea said...

Thanks so much, Mary! I really love the way it turned out. Now I need to make a BRIGHT one ;)

Thanks! Everyone has really been loving this color palette. Now to make some BEADS!

Jen V. said...

Totally sweet! The color combos are great!

Heather Powers said...

I keep looking at my sets of beads, dreaming about what to do with them - they are so lovely together. And you are right - they are some of my favorite color colors - so beachy keen!

Love the necklace - I could see that one in a magazine!

Genea said...

Thanks Jen!

Just leave them on your bead table, Heather. That has been the best way I have found to have awesome designs just hop together :D I'm sure they will speak with you soon. If not think about them as you fall asleep. That always helps me :D

Very Beachy especially paired with your starfish pendant!

Awww thanks! Maybe I should submit it then? I have had some of these findings sitting around for awhile and the chain was from a box a friend of mine got on craigs list full of bits and pieces of jewelry. Hmmm I wonder how you submit that as a resource for the magazine? LOL

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