Saturday, February 12, 2011

Beadwork Stringing Spring 2011- Designs by Lorelei Eurto featuring Genea Beads

Hello friends!

HOORAY! I am SO excited for this post! Just a little bit ago Lorelei tagged me in a photo of the GORGEOUS designs she submitted to Stringing Spring 2011! I immediately called Barnes & Noble and Borders to see if the magazine had hit the stands. I think it had just arrived to you all with subscriptions! I can't wait to get my copy!
Woo hoo! What awesome designs, huh? Lorelei's bracelet with my beads is on the bottom row in the middle. 
Here is Lorelei's shot of her bracelet and earrings.

Discovering that many of you may be scouring your new magazine that meant I needed to get my butt over to my shop to list the beads for ya! Here they are!
Here is the necklace design Lorelei created on the right. Isn't is soooo pretty?!
 Here is the image that Lorelei shot of her necklace. You can see it much better in this shot.

Just so you all know this teal is tricky to photograph so it looks a bit more blueish in the magazine photo. It is a deep bluegreen and it shifts somewhat depending on how you look through the glass. You will see what I mean when you snag these babies up for your creations ;) 

A huge THANK YOU to Lorelei for collaborating with me on her  incredible and inspiring designs! You are the best!
Stop on by her Etsy shop and her Big Cartel. If she has not already listed the items in the magazine, I know they will be offered soon unless they have been nabbed up already!

Thanks for coming by to celebrate with me!

Much love,



maryharding said...

Congrats Genea!! Super beads in wonderful designs. How exciting!! Love that blue bead and the coffee cup!!

Malin de Koning said...

Very lovely! I love your coffee cups. I saw that piece of art in your shop yesterday, with the coffee bean and the cup in a black frame. Please someone who love me and who I am married to, get me that one as a present!!!!!!

And super sweet designs by Lorelei.

Genea said...

Thanks Mary! It really is ALL Lorelei's doing! She suggested making a piece for stringing! She's the absolute best!

Thanks so much about the beads! I LOVE coffee! I have so much fun designing coffee themed stuff. More to list coming up....

Malin, Thanks! They are so much fun to make! I was excited for that design to turn out. I sent a few to friends for gifts. We coffee junkies need to celebrate together.

Aren't her designs, incredible?! She is such a fantastic designer!

Barbara Bechtel said...

I've been admiring that focal ever since my copy of Stringing arrived. Congratulations! Lorelei's designs accentuate your beautiful beads so well! It really speaks well to both the beadmaker and they designer when you say to yourself, "LOOK at that necklace! and then LOOK at those beads!"

French Elegant Jewelry said...

congratulations you have such a range and make so many types of beads your are very talented.

Genea said...


Thanks so much! It was really exciting to work with Lorelei. She makes the most beautiful jewelry!

It keeps things exciting yanno? I don't know if I will ever totally settle on one style of beads. Thanks so much for your kind words :)

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