Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What would you like to see on sale?

Hello friends!

First off I am SUPER excited that I got my blog fixed. I couldn't tell you all about it because it wouldn't post my text. So I found out somehow my template was set to put white text on a white background. Well that would explain it huh?! So anyways, crisis averted after giving up, sleeping and coming back to it this morning.

Can you believe it's November 16th ALREADY? I was out in public(which I am not as frequently since I work at home and the hubby is out with the car at school and work) and I was like Christmas music, already? Then it dawned on me that yes, it was an appropriate time for Christmas music! HOLY CRAP! How did the season sneak up so quickly?! I mean I have been working at things as fast as I can trying to get them out for the holidays, but DANG! 

It has been super crazy around here with Autumn giving us a brief "hello" before winter comes around.  Infact with all of the craziness of the holiday season going on, we have decided not to exchange gifts this year with friends or family. It's a good thing too because the second I cross off something on my to-do list a new thing jumps on that is due right before the holidays! Eep!

So you may wonder why we have not gotten to the title of the blog yet, right? Well here we go... so while thinking about the craziness of "black" friday and "cyber" monday I got to thinking about what kind of sales I should be doing this season. I have lots of ideas, but my real answer should come from the people that are shopping.

So what do you guys want to see on sale? Would you rather see a percentage off? A sale on things like earrings one week and lampwork beads the next?  or different sales for each week leading up to the holiday? Like would you like to see a special sale from black friday through cyber monday? Then a different sale each week up to the holiday? I would love to hear your thoughts :)

I have already planned on doing free shipping from black friday through Christmas, but wanted to get some sales going on along with it. Thanks to Etsy on Sale we sellers on Etsy can now easily schedule a sale in our shop without having to offer our sales by refunding the discount to you through paypal! Horay Etsy on Sale creators! :D

Well I should be on my way. Only an hour of daylight left and lots of things to do!

See you soon!

Much love,



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