Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Benefit Auction for Andrew Thornton of Green Girl Studios

Hello friends!

If you may not have heard Andrew Thornton of Green Girl Studios had some severe health issues that caused him to rack up some hefty medical bills. Andrew is an independent artist and doesn't have health insurance so you can imagine just how much his visits cost. Many in our community have come together to help raise money for his cause. I would like to do the same by offering an auction right here on my blog :)

Although I have just met Andrew through my e-mails to him I can sense his kind caring nature  through his replys. I have collected Green Girl Studios art beads for many years and I couldn't imagine not collecting more due to the high costs of paying medical bills or loss of inspiration due to stress. I can't imagine going through what he has, and want to do what I can to help him keep doing what is in his heart.  Artists are amazing creative spirits and without their pieces the world would be  much less magical place.  Please join me in helping out one of our creative souls :)

Here is how to bid. Please leave your name, e-mail and the amount you would like to bid on the piece. Bidding will be open from now until 12am on Sunday(so pretty much Monday morning). I will contact the winning bidder and ask them to paypal their bid directly to Andrew's paypal account. Once I get a conformation from Andrew that the amount has been paid I will ship the item with insurance.

 Silk cording is more teal and blue variegated than the picture demonstrates.
Necklace can be worn long or short by tying silk cording.

Here are the details for the piece...

Winding layers of streaky and glittery blue, Streaky glittery green, yellow green, aqua blue, turquoise blue, and olive green ruffle into a freeform flower shape. Inside the flower sit treasures of tinkly bells, swirling spacers, seed beads, swarovski crystal and flowers. Up the base meticulously macramed leaves,drops, bells, seed beads and crystals are tightly bound into a fantastical design.

Vortex flower focal is 38mm across. Pendant dangles a drastic 2 3/4"(5.08cm) from top to bottom. Pendant ring is 7mm. Silk necklace cord is 33"(83.82cm) long and can be worn long or tied as a short choker. 

 Happy Bidding!

Much love,



Genea said...

Creation is Messy bids $88.88.

Genea said...

Please feel free to post your bid as a comment or you may also e-mail me with your bid :)

john said...

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Genea said...

Bidding is now closed! Congratulations to Creation is Messy!

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