Monday, November 15, 2010

Go to the Kansas City Zoo

Hello friends!

Well the hubby and I got some crappy news today:( He had been off school for a month since he had taken the class that they were doing(he transferred from the north campus of school) so he was supposed to start up class again last week. When he came in for class this morning they told him that he wasn't properly re-registered and would have to wait to go to class again until December. Apparently they had to drop him and then re-register him and somehow it got all messed up. So, what did we do with this "lemon" life gave us? Say "Fuck it" and went to the Zoo! :D

The Kansas City Zoo was offering free admission and parking to all KC residents so off to the zoo we went!This guy was a trumpeter song and did a little performance and song for us upon entering the zoo :)
The only changing leaves pic I have gotten to take this year. Unfortunately none of the trees in our yard turn pretty colors like this one :(
Here is Nikita, Kansas City's new star. Nikita is actually a boy ;)
He would dive then do the back stroke and then come around to do it again.
You can see his head if you look just beyond the glare of stripes you can see in the picture.
There was a carousel going so I snapped a pic. It had the carnival music and all. I bet that get's annoying to listen to all day long ;)
This pretty guy was singing to me.
It was hard to photograph them cause the sun was so direct,but aren't their colors amazing?!
Llama face! LOL I love the spotty one!
Who's hungry?! I figured since they were in the back of their cage eating they wouldn't be interested, but the second they heard that treat dispenser drop food they all came running :D
This was a horse sculpture I thought was pretty. The other horse is sitting. I like the texture of the standing one best.
This was a crane. I forget which type.
The laughing monk people usually think is Buddha.
RED PANDA! OMG these are so f*ing cute!! They are a cross between a panda and racoon.
These guys were really hard to photograph. They kept moving and my camera's delay kept me from getting the perfect picture ;)The Sumatra tigers were so pretty. They kept pacing as we watched them.

This was another type of crane.

This was a horned bird.
These guys were loose in an Aviary so you could literally walk right up to them.
An Emu!

Just in front of this area there were these awesome cockatoos and some other type of bird and we said "hi" and they said it back. One time both of the birds did it at the same time. I am so amazed at how birds can mimic sounds just like people!
Lazy ass wallabys! We wanted them to jump around, but they just kept napping. They were also loose in this area. You walked on a path and they could just roam freely if they wanted to.
A tree kangaroo! They were so awesome looking.
More lazy kangaroos.

A sheepie just chillin.
Here were the Kookaburras! Does anyone remember learning that song in gradeschool? Here's a link and it's even sung by school children to help you be nostalgic along with me :D Kookaburra song I totally sang the song to them when I saw the sign telling us what they were. I wonder how many times they hear that? lolPeacocks are so pretty! They had them running loose in the Denver zoo so I was kind of disappointed they were caged up here.Anyone up for some croquet? Now we only need some hedge hogs :D:D:D
Elephants are so majestic :)
Cheetas :D Their tear black markings are so pretty.
Look it's Pumba! I guess I was feeling all song like cause this is what came into my head when I saw him. Heh.I dunno. It's grass, I guess, but it was really pretty. I am actually shocked at the quality of the picture. Since it was so bright outside I could hardly see the display on the camera so I was kinda photographing blind.A pretty tree gateway and Ricky.
These little guys were SO cute and teeny. Look at their spindly little legs They were grooming each other. It was totally cute!
These guys were the same animal only a different type. Ricky almost touched this guy. For some odd reason I told him not too. I wish I could have gotten a better picture. At one point he was looking right at me with his shiny little black nose. Sooo cute!
A snoozing big eared kitty.
I LOVED these guys! they are little Timon's(meerkats). They made the cutest noises. They would all come put to the glass, check us out, run away and then come back making their little chatter.Here was one sitting on a rock watching the others run back and forth.
It's a little hot in the back of these rhinos. LMAO. He was pretty still. He barely moved.
Giraffe! He was looking right at me when I clicked the picture. He must have known I wanted to see his pretty face :D I thought they were more yellow? Maybe it's just how they are always pictured? Dunno...What's black and white, and red all over? :D
This hippo wasn't hungry. He was pretty sleepy I guess ;) Anyone else play hungry, hungry hippos? ;)

Then the painstakingly long walk back to the front gate. I seriously think we walked 5 miles today walking the entire zoo!

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the KC animals :D

Much love,



Copper Diem said...

i love hippos! esp when they yawn with their big peg teeth!

Genea said...

OMG I fixed it! Somehow my text template had my text color as white with the white background! THANK GOD it's fixed!

Genea said...

lol yeah, they are pretty cool :)

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