Friday, April 30, 2010

NEW "Gravity Bubble" hollows

Hello friends!

Well I did, infact survive my husband going out of town for the week. I am surprised at how busy I was! I managed to get some beads made and spend lots of time with friends. The week just breezed by and Ricky will get back in town tonight :D It was so much better than the first year he had to go to Vegas for school. It will be nice to have home just in time for the weekend :)

As busy as I was I managed to get a few days of bead making in. I talked with Melissa on the phone and she had told me how everyone at Bead Boutique kept oogling her necklace made with my flopped hollow beads. With that in mind I decided why not make more and offer them for sale? Good beads, of course ;) So off to the torch I went to make some hollows.

The interesting thing about the set of hollows on Melissa's necklace is that they were the pre-design for my "Florbital" hollows. So the beads I made are the swirly sides with the transparent middle.

"Gravity Bubbles- Rainbow"- This super BUBBLY fun set of 7 - 20-22mm hollow beads are made in bold rainbow colors of: red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, cobalt and amethyst. This set is big enough to make a super funky chunky necklace. The sweet thing about hollow beads is that they are BIG without being heavy. Their reflective surface makes them just as amazing as those large glass "Gazing Globes" people put in their yards :D

"Swirly Rainbow Spacers"- Original name, I know. These cane spacers are a nice variety of rainbow colors in: red, orange, coral, yellow, lime, grass green, teal and cobalt. Spacers add interest to designs or make great earrings. This particular set would make a fantastic addition to the above set of hollows.
"Gravity Bubbles-Spring"- When I made those kiln fulls of hollows I just kept grabbing transparents and cane glass and just kept making whatever. When everything came out of the kiln I was excited to find that these beads all went together remarkably well for not being a planned color combo. Beads are: pink, lavender, pale green, lime, and teal.
"Swirly Spring Spacers"- this set of 6 spacers are in pale springy colors with a few darker colors to make them pop. Colors include: purple, periwinkle, grass green, pink, aqua and teal. Spacers make great additions to sets or for fun dangles and earrings. These spacers would go awesome with the above set!"Vino Noir"- A fun set of different shapes for designing fun. A "Gravity bubble" in ruby wine pink with swirly black sides, pink discs with swirly black rings, 2 swirly black spacers and 2 ruby wine pink spacers. The possibilities are endless!


I got my TORCH!! So now I officially have all the pieces for my Mini CC! I still need to have the boys build me a hood so I am debating on if I should set up the torch now or wait. I thought about doing it while Ricky was gone, but I can't crank off the regulator and stuff. If I set up just the torch I will just be able to work faster and larger. I will wait to work with the enamels and silver until I have a hood up and have a particle respirator. I need to do some research to see what is going to work the best.

So I am a total goofball and decided to name my new torch. Want to know what I named it? "Gold Member" after the Austin Powers movie LMAO. It is goldish colored and looks like a penis, right? lol

I got a chance to check out Genevieve Flynn's studio where I will be doing a first friday show in September. Genevieve makes GORGEOUS silver work! Her studio is right in the art district right on Oak street. I asked for the latest show date to give me time to make a bunch of new awesome work with my new set up. It's going to be a blast. I will post a reminder later when it is closer to show time.

OH YEAH! I forgot! My "Vortex Oasis" necklace will be featured in Bead & button in Feb 2010 in their "my designs" section! I have to send off the necklace before October of this year to be photographed in their studio! Isn't that exciting?!

Well I suppose I should go. With the time I have left I may be able to get my house cleaned before my hubby comes home!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Much love,