Thursday, May 6, 2010

Large and In Charge Organics

Hello friends!

I had the best intentions of getting to you yesterday, but alas life comes up as it always does. I didn't manage to get my photo editing finished until 10pm and by then I was pretty OVER doing any descriptions and posting. So here we are mid-day and I am refreshed from my crazy photo edits. It's always amazing to me to see the images that come out of a camera. All of the organic focals and beads I made have SO much detail on just every inch of the bead. I wanted to make sure to take TONS of pictures so you wouldn't miss anything. I did my best, but there is really nothing like holding the beads in your hand to examine all of them!

Just a reminder with these and everything you see here you can click on the image and it will make a larger image in your browser window. Today you will ESPECIALLY want to give all of the pictures a zoom!

I just got my new Mini CC torch set up and thought I would give some BIGGER beads a whirl. The tremendous amount of heat makes Raku sing and makes creating big beads a breeze. There is so much radiant heat that you don't have to worry about parts of your bead cracking from getting too cold!

Ancient Tablet "Goddess"- a base of velvety black is decorated with silver leaf, rainbow raku, silvered ivory webbing, bubble button raku dots, twists, twirls and creases and finished off with embossed spirals! I would have to say that this focal is my very favorite! I am totally in love with spirals!A size image.
Views of the back side.
"Goddess Coins"- a black lentil base is stamped on both sides with a spiral making a coin shape. Spots of rainbow raku are twisted with silvered ivory and silver leaf.
"Goddess Coin Bracelet"- lentil spiral coins make up the base with size 13 faceted seed beads and spacer beads that "float" over the top and end with a wave spiral sterling silver clasp. Beads are decorated with rainbow raku, silvered ivory, silver leaf and magic!Another close up view of the bracelet.

"Ancient Pebbles"- a set of 5 teeny black spacers with wiggly lines of silvered ivory and spots of rainbow raku. Perfect as an addition to projects, dangles or fun earrings.
Ancient Tablet "Serpent Corazon"- base of curdled and feathered dark ivory is accented with dark velvety black ribbons, striped cane serpents, silver leaf, raku splatters and rainbow bubble button dots with twists and whirls. The shape of this bead kind of looks like a mottled heart and the stripey canes look like snakes. This focal really speaks to me as well. It is a close 2nd favorite! There is so much detail, color and texture to this focal! It is just incredible!
A size image.
The back side.
One more close up image to show details.
Ancient Tablet "Mortar"- names for its resemblance to sand. This was the first bead of the series and is more rectangular and "tablet" shaped. The golden yellow base has splashes of silver, whirls of silvered ivory, spotty splatters of Raku and Raku rainbow bubble button dots, thin lines of black ribbon, rainbow dichro and textured creases. There is just SO much to look at on all of these focals! There are little worlds in each one :)

An image for size.
I just LOVE that speckled wave of Raku on the bottom left side! Yum!


Well Ricky has been kicking our asses with our work outs! We have all been meeting in the yard and exercising! It feels great to be working my body hard and getting some sunshine! We are working with kettle bell weights and it is just amazing how much it works your whole body! You can get more details about our works and join us in getting fit by following Ricky's blog.

All of the crap in the air has me feeling like shit today. I guess the allergens are high. Ugh. It was so nice not to have allergies growing up! It's pretty cold outside today too. It says it's 70 outside, but its only like 60 something inside and my hands are freezing! I will warm up soon with our crazy work out we have today so no worries on that.

Well it's just about time to work out so I better get on my exercise gear and get my sweat on!

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,



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