Thursday, May 20, 2010

Zebra of a different color

Hello friends!

Are you excited I have an update for you? It's a day later than I normally like to list, but at least I have things to offer this week, right? :D

I don't LOVE all of the things I have for you today! Which is your favorite?


Where to start? They are all awesome! "L'amor Flutterby"- It's been quite some time since I have made a large butterfly focal. I only made a limited run of 3 the first time I created them. This little one is a bit different too! I tweaked the design so it is a bit smaller than the originals with a different "twist". Heh. twist... twist in the design... Yeah, ok. *ahem* Anyways, there is a twist in the design by the wings and a small raked heart on the belly. The wings are a pale lavender pink with ruby spots.Here are a few more views.
"Desert Serpent" - This set of 7 lentils is made on a base of dark ivory with twisted serpent canes, and rainbow raku . The chemical reactions produce an amazing dark blackish brown curdled veining that is just INCREDIBLE! These are a PERFECT match to my Ancient Tablet "Serpent Corazon" focal I listed the other week. I loved the focal so much I thought it HAD to have some matching beads!"Desert Serpent" pair- Ok so I got a bit carried away making these beads and had enough to offer a pair as well. They are dark ivory, with serpent twisted cane, rainbow raku and AWESOME :D They would make super SWEET earrings, no?

"Zebra Batiks"- Don't you just LOVE the "magic" colors?! Me too! This time around I even made cane for extra appeal! Pretty sweet huh?! The twisted cane made me think of zebra stripes and the "magic" colors always remind me of batiked fabric which is my absolute FAVORITE :D Colors include: ruby pink, pale yellow, mint green and turquoise.
"Zebra Kaleidascope"- So yeah, pretty sure this focal is f*ing awesome! The twisted canes and "magic" colors really do remind me of looking through a kaleidascope and seeing all of the ornate patterns. Both sides are different so there is something interesting to see from every angle. Colors include: ruby pink, pale yellow, mint green and turquoise. Did I mention it would be KILLER with the above set?"Zig-Zag Zebra"- Ok so it may be a mini, but this is a very special bead. It is part of the project on which I am working. I can't really give more details at the moment, but it may quite possibly be very famous. Moving on... Twisted canes make up the design on this little trio. If you had not noticed the rounds are actually different. One has mint green and orchid and the other has turquoise and orchid. Bet you wouldn't have ever known huh? ;) Anyways, they are both awesome and tie in with the twisted lentil. This little set would make a cute pendant and earrings or be a great addition to the above beads!


Well it certainly has been GLOOMY here in the midwest! The constant rain and cloudiness are kind of taking a toll on me. I know you are shocked because I am ALL about rain, but I could use a few rays for some sun therapy. Taking pictures has been an absolute NIGHTMARE. The lack of sun requires many more lights for illumination. I am planning on getting some more lights, bulbs and making a light bounce thingy. There is a cheap design for one on the Frantz Art Glass blog by Pat Frantz. I can't find the link to the page, but if you are resourceful you can google it ;)

I think that's really about all. Sorry I don't have more exciting news for you.

See you soon!

Much love,



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