Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Hello friends!

I bet you have been wondering where I have been right? Well I have been working(or well trying to work) on some testing, beads and another idea to make a business page more informative. That has been what has been taking up my time. I got a set and a pair of beads made last week which didn't seem like much of a listing so I opted to wait until this week. Normally I would post beads tomorrow, but as I have said I have been working on different things and have not gotten as many beads made to sell as I would have liked.

I got a bunch of cane pulled so I think I will continue tomorrow what I wanted to get done today. With all of the cane already made, stringers pulled and glass sitting on my table I will be able to get right to work tomorrow. I will be excited to see how the different canes I made effect the designs on different color glass bases.

That has really been most of what has been going on. I wish I had more exciting things to report.

Oh yeah I did get my beads from artbeads.com for our summer blog! I need to get some beads made to go with the ones I ordered. I have to think up some designs. :)

Here is the picture I owed you of "Gold Member" my Mini CC torch :D Isn't he amazing?! :D I am totally in love with my torch top marver as well! It is set perfectly so I can just roll my glass into barrels and all that fun stuff. It's super spiffy 'cause if you flip it over it has 3 size round marble molds for shaping! :D My set up wouldn't be complete without my old style Creation Station! It was seriously like one of the BEST tools?( if you want to call it a tool) I have ever bought!
Here is a picture I forgot to share with you from the other week. My hubby presented me with these AMAZING rainbow roses! Yes, they are dyed, but they really are THAT vivid! :D They make my eyes happy :D
Here is the baby sparrow we rescued from my aussies. I was sitting outside with Amanda while she was smoking and we saw the dogs sniffing the ground very excitedly. We heard a few peep peep HELP ME's and rushed over to get them away. We brought him inside and took him to the emergency vet. Sometimes if they have room they take wild animals if they have room. I couldn't get him back in his next. I am thinking it was in this hollowed out part of a branch in my Silver Maple tree which is monstrous!This is a picture of my Silver Maple without leaves in fall, but you get the idea of just how HUGE it is!I saw this little guy a few nights ago too. I a pretty sure he was dying. He wasn't really moving around. He was chillaxin on our shovel out in the garage. Maybe he ran himself too many times into the lightbulb thinking it was the moon. Poor guy. He was pretty anyways. I had never seen a moth like him. He was a bit more yellow than the picture.

Well that is about all for now. Hopefully I will have some beads to list later in the week.

Have a great week if you don't hear from me!

Much love,



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