Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Inspiration all around you

Hello friends!

I had the best intentions of getting this finished yesterday, but Holly and Brandon ended up stopping by to drop off some dog food and look for some deals on moving trucks. So I can't pass up this part without telling you one of my favorite quotes. "The path to hell is paved with good intentions". It just always seems like such a fantastic quote about intentions. Ok so since that is out of the way....

Well my good friend, Kim came to visit me yesterday and picked up a bunch of beads so unfortunately for you all I only have 3 sets to offer this week. I know you are probably curious to see what she bought right? How about a little peek?

WOW! Just look at this collection of Raku beads! So you may have noticed that all but one set of these were listed last week on Etsy. I can't wait to see what Kim makes up with these amazing beads! So I would like for you all to meet "Sedona". This is a newish color released by effetre. Isn't it AMAZING with Raku(not that that is hard to do since Raku is amazing on just about anything). The rod itself is kind of this dusty rose color, but as you can see after being worked in the flame you get all different colors! There are pinks, purples, hints of brown. Just AMAZING! I got some really GORGEOUS colors with the Raku as well. It's strange how that all works out. I think this set got the most intense colors and shifts out of all of the sets. I can't wait to get my new torch hooked up. All of that extra heat makes for some INTENSE Raku colors! :D
Kim also snagged this awesome set in intense dark blues, and teals by Creation is Messy. I used: Cornflower, Fremen, Mermaid, Great Bluedini, Leaky Pen, and Pulsar.

Now that you may be heart broken about what you missed why don't I move on to some things that are still for sale?

ALL OF THESE ITEMS ARE CURRENTLY FOR SALE. So in the future, just so there is no confusion, anything with a hyper link to it means it's for sale.

These 3 sets were inspired by a re-usable cloth bag that my friend, Amanda bought for me. The colors were pretty funky so I dug in my stash of Bullseye glass to find the perfect colors to match.
"Heart Burst Tabs"- This set of 5 creased tab beads is in colors of: petal pink, lilac, mulberry, bubble gum pink, white, and lemon yellow. The creased base has a flattened dot with a raked heart on top and flattened dots on the sides. The back is creased with no texture on the back for comfort in wear."Window Stripes"- set of 6 round stripe beads encased in clear in colors of: lemon yellow, white, mulberry, petal pink, bubble gum pink and lilac. These beads have so much depth with their base of clear and stripes on top. When you roll the beads on a surface you can watch the stripes of glass move. It's like when you are in a car with the sun shining through the trees and it does that strobe light effect thing. lol. These would be great with the above set with the stripe beads inbetween the tabs. "Heart Burst Tab Mini"- 1 lemon yellow based creased tab is accented with a flattened mulberry dot and bubble gum pink raked heart. On the sides are flattened dots of white. 2 bubblegum pink spacers are added for the perfect little mini set. This set would make a fun ring and pair of simple earrings. OR... You could always add it with the above sets for a few extra beads when designing :)

I thought you might like to see "THE necklace" actually on a person. I dressed up Holly when she was over the other night. I took about 3 pictures of her and she kept blinking! This was one of the pictures where her eyes were the most open. lol.Here is a profile pic. Yes, I know, it's blurry, but again with the blinking. I wanted to try to catch her off guard when she was talking with the boys in the other room. You may not have noticed right off, but the earrings are actually hanging through her gauged ear holes. She has clear silicone gauges and the ear hook actually goes through the holes. It looks pretty cool considering that when you gauge your ears you lose all ability to wear pretty hook earrings. That is exactly when I let mine shrink back down. Well that and the gauges smell like funky belly button! *blegch*

Anyways, not too much else is going on. Well nothing earth shattering.

I was really excited to get an old printers tray from my friend Sue and Jim! I have it hanging on my wall with some of my lampwork beads and beads I have collected from other lampworkers :D I should take a picture and show you.

Well I suppose I should get to it. I have to run over to Holly and Brandon's and help them move.

I hope you are having a awesome week and enjoying the warm weather of spring.

Much love,



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