Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More rainbows

Hello friends!

I have some more rainbowy Raku beads for you today! I figured since Kim nabbed up the last lot of them I should make some more and well Raku is pretty so it was pretty easy to keep making them ;) So why don't we take a trip over and see what is in the shop...

"Elements of Life"- a fun little set of 5 lentils on one of my favorite backgrounds for Raku, Red Roof Tile. This particular batch has these lovely streaks of mustard yellow along with it's normal terra cotta color. The symbols are: earth, fire, wind, water and heart. The rainbowy colors include: violet, burgundy, teal, amber, chocolate brown, midnight blue and more.
"Green Girl Tye-Dye"- This little girl got her name after earth day and with the variance of colors Raku makes it makes me think of tye-dye shirts. I figured a nice earthy yellow ochre base would be a nice touch to the vibrant colors of Raku. I would have to say this is my favorite set out of all of them. I like all of the different twisted, poked and raked designs, oh... and COLOR :D
"Mystic"- This set had all of the magical elements like a Goddess, healing hand, and evil eye along with a few spotty spacers to finish it off. I had first thought to combine this with the elements of life set, but then decided to keep all of the magical stuff to it's own set ;) lol Besides, if you like both together you can always get both sets ;)
"Rainbow Daisy"- a fun tye-dye looking raked rainbow daisy is 5 petals on the front and 4 on the back. Spacers are spotty raku. When I made the other set of lentils this bead didn't quite fit into a set, but it was so pretty I thought it would make a nice mini. I mean why not make a cute pendant and earrings, right? :)"Rainbow Leaf"- a simple line drawn leaf with a stringer twist decorates the front and back. Spacers are Raku spotted. Again, this little bead didn't really make it's way into a set, but WOW! Can you believe all of the COLORS? It was too pretty to just stick in a bowl so here it is with 2 little spacers to make up a sweet mini set :)

Well I wish I could say more exciting stuff, but not really. lol. Just all of that fun stuff like yardwork!

I just heard Ricky call me for dinner so I guess this will make my entry short and sweet. I mean do you want to keep a man waiting that just cooked you some yummy bow tie pasta with chicken in delicious 4 cheese rosa sauce?! Me either! :D

Have a fantastic night.

Much love,



Anonymous said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ........................................

Genea said...

I'm glad that you are enjoying my blog :) Thanks for reading!

<3 Genea

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