Friday, April 2, 2010

"THE" necklace and inspiration from fiber into beads

Hello friends!

Ok, ok, I know I am late with my update for the week, but I just wanted to keep making beads. I mean there is nothing wrong with that, right?! So since I am late posting I also have some other awesome things to show you like my FABULOUS necklace that was inspired by the Vortex Flower pendants and some knit items!

Inspiration comes from all over! I was inspired by a skein of yarn for these two sets!
Too bad the yarn didn't work up as pretty into fabric as the glass worked up into beads!
"Lavender Fire"- a set of 3 round beads in:Red coral, orange, and lavender. Pretty amazing huh? There is just something about the intensity of the red and orange against the pastel lavender. Designs include a triangle bead, twist rose bead, and a dot and line stringer bead.

"Rose and Phoenix"- a set of 5 beads in: Lavender, pastel pink, red coral, and orange. Again the intensity between the pastel colors and vibrant reds and oranges is SO yummy! Bead styles are:masked dot beads, stripe bead, poked-eye bead, and a raised creased daisy.

These two sets remind me of the beads that Jan nabbed up called "Arizona Sunset". Here is a picture of the beads if you can't remember what they look like.Aren't they GORGEOUS? There is just something about orange and purple! :D

Next I have a few black and white beads for you....
"Movement" a set of 5 black and white beads. They are called movement because of all of the twists and movement in the beads. Bead designs include: stripe bead, twist dot beads, poked-eye bead and a triangle bead."BW spacers" original name, I know, but what else do you call plain black and white spacers? This little set of 6 spacers is fun strung by itself or added with other beads for designs. You could always add these little guys to the set above for more design possibilities.
"Daisy Cakes- Cupcakes"- This fun set of 8 cupcakes are baked to golden brown perfection and topped with pastel rainbow colored icing along with vanilla and chocolate! The cupcakes have ruffly edges and rainbow sprinkles. The cupcakes were inspired by my "Lovey Cakes" that I made for Valentine's day. If you take a birds eye view of the cupcakes they look like little daisies. Be sure to send a big "thank you" to Ricky while you check out with these babies! I wanted to include ALL of the cupcakes in one listing so Ricky suggested selling them for $77 instead of the usual $12 per bead! That is a savings of 20%! Woo hoo!

Ok are you ready? Remember the "Vortex Flower" pendants and how I said that they were a proto-type for a necklace design in which I was working?Here is the "Vortex Flower" pendant if you missed seeing the design earlier.Here is "THE necklace". Lame name I know, but I am still working on the perfect name! Isn't it AMAZING?! It quite literally took me DAYS and HOURS to make! When I started the design I had NO idea how I was going to put everything together. I just got out all of the beads and designed as I went. This usually isn't the norm for me. I must say I am SO pleased with the results for lack of better words. I got done with this piece and couldn't believe that I had actually made it! This is probably the most beautiful and amazing piece I have EVER made!Here are some more shots of the necklace. I submitted this necklace to Bead & Button magazine in the hopes of getting it printed on their cover. I did hear that most of the cover pieces they choose are pieces that have instructions inside. As you can see by the tremendous detail in this necklace it would take me FOREVER to write up instructions. Due to the sheer amount of beads and baubles in this knotting and macrame necklace there really weren't easy ways to anchor this baby down to get everything on the necklace. How the hell do you put that into instruction? Would it be like you have to have monkey fingers and be able to hold 8bagillion cords while knotting and adding on beads all at the same time? Lol

This piece is incredible for other reasons than just the beads and how it was assembled. Did you know that it is a piece for all of the senses? Visually it's just incredible, it's very tactile with so much texture, there are numerous bells on it so you can hear the tinkling from the bells and from the pressed glass beads, and crystals clanking against the lampwork beads! Pretty AMAZING huh? The necklace, even for it's weight feels just incredible on. I mean a piece with this many beads on it is definitely heavy, but WOW!

Now you know a necklace isn't a necklace without a fabulous pair of earrings....
So the earrings are pretty much smaller scale "Vortex Flower" pendants. You would think that the earrings would weigh a ton as well, but for their size and weight they are very comfortable to wear and just accent the necklace perfectly!

So why did I decide to make the necklace and earrings? Well I really wanted a SUPER fabulous piece that I had designed and made myself with no input or ideas from anyone else. I wanted to make a fantastic gallery style piece that I could submit to the magazines for a cover piece.

Well after spending so much creative energy on my necklace I needed to do some knitting to unwind.I absolutely LOVE my knit wool calorimetry that my friend Holly made for me, but as you may know. Wool is BALLS HOT in summer. I made these guys out of cotton. They definitely don't feel as amazing as the natural fibers, but they are light weight enough to wear in spring and summer and still keep your head secure and snuggly!

Well as you may know it's FRIDAY and that usually means making plans for the weekend! I am going to start getting ready to go out!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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