Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rainbows and colors outside the box

Hello friends!

I think you will enjoy my offerings for today! Not only are they rainbowy raku, but I even chose different color bases out of my normal color schemes!

Wanna see?

Wait... just before we move on I thought you might want to see who was staring back at me through my camera lens.My PIGGEH. He he. Isn't he soooo cute?! I just LOVE this bank! Thanks to Amanda for gifting him to me:). I thought it was funny that he just happened to be chilling on my photographing table when I was done taking pictures, so I thought I would add him as well just for funzies :D

Ok... moving on....

I don't even know which ones to list first... They all turned out pretty awesome! Ok.. how about the super unusual ones, as in the set of RED. Eep! Can you believe I made red beads?! Lol."Scarlet's Rainbow Roses"- A set of 5 deep scarlet red lentils have rainbowy raku twist roses on the top with speckles of raku on the back. The rose centers are a bubble button mirror dot that makes a sweet reflection!More views so you can see ALL of the color :D Mmmmm. Can you believe the color of this glass is called "Orange Punch". Pretty sure they turned out RED. One of arts little happy accidents, I guess. ;)
"Scarlet's Rainbow Raindrops"- A set of 6 round bead spacers on deep scarlet red. It seems like you can never have too many beads for designing. Spacers make a fantastic addition to designs!
"Mermaid's Rainbow"- A set of 5 lentil beads on Messy's newest tealy blue, Mermaid. Designs are twisted and raked in rainbowy raku stringers. The neat thing about Raku is that it seems to escape Mermaids organic nature and all of the lines and dots remain crisp. Usually Mermaid has more of an organic nature to it and likes to swallow dots and lines.If you want to see more of the color and detail you can click on the image and it will open to it's 800x800 normal size in a different window :)"Mermaid's Rainbow Mini"- a set of 3 lentils with rainbowy raku dots and lines. See all of those neat streaks in the base? Mmmm pretty!"Rainbow Clay Tiles"- a set of 7 tile shaped on a base of muted khaki with lines, dots and swirls of rainbow raku. I love tiles! They are just as awesome as lentils with their smooth shape. I always had great luck with getting amazing colors on this color base :)The very last picture in the 4 block is the "back" side of the beads. The designs are the same on both sides, but due to Raku's color changing nature the colors are different on either side ;)
"Rainbow Canyon"- a mini set of 3 lentils on a warmer tan base with swirls and dots of color changing raku rainbows. I was curious to see how Canyon de Chelly would do as a brownish base with raku. I really like the results. It's a little more brown than my favorite Stone Ground :)
I think this little set would be nice combined with the "Rainbow Clay Tiles" into a braclet with the pattern going- tile, lentil, tile, lentil. I love to mix the shapes together for visual appeal :)

I will be receiving my NEW concentrator for my UPGRADE! Woo hoo! I can't wait! I suppose I have not told you yet, huh? Well I will be upgrading to a Mini CC with a 15lpm concentrator! I can't wait to get this baby set up! I will need to wait on all of my parts and then build a hood before I can use it. I didn't want to get you all excited before it was up and running, but now you know it's in the works. I am even getting a splitter so I can run *crosses fingers* both of my torches. The electrical is old in the house so I don't know if I have enough power(this is where you insert the Star Trek quote! lol) to run all of that machinery without blowing fuses.

Ok so you probably want to know how this information will effect you right? Well, with this torch and ventilation system I will be able to make HUGE beads, fume with silver, use enamels and all of that fun stuff! Having two torches hooked up will allow me to take on STUDENTS. ;) Pretty sweet eh? Now this is a work in progress so I am not sure of the exact date that ALL of this is happening, but like I said, it's in the works :D

A huge THANK YOU to the person that is making all of this possible! :D I couldn't be where I am without you!

In other news I have just been knitting more calorimetries. Can you believe it? lol. They are just fun to make and I can justify making a shit ton of them cause they can be gifts right? What can I say, it's nice to have something relaxing that keeps my hands busy and allows me to sit on my couch and be productive. lol.

Well I should be off. I need to shower and get ready for later. Holly and Brandon will be making their weekly trip out to see us and Amanda will be by too. I just LOVE it when friends come to hang out :D

Have a fantastic day!

Much love,



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