Monday, October 19, 2009

A wholotta awesome

Hello friends!

Well the weather has warmed up at bit and the sun has finally peeked out of the clouds. Today it's sunny and 62 degrees. I opened up the house to get some nice fresh air circulating before it gets cold again. I had worried that fall had surpast us since there have been a few frosts already. I don't know that I would call fall weather 69 degrees or anything, but I won't start bitching about the temp until we get one of those 70 degree days in December. When people are outside smiling at the warmth I am cursing our stupidity. Why? Well why do you think there are 70 degree days in the middle of winter? Hmmmm can we say global warming? This is definitely NO reason to celebrate unseasonably warm weather in my opinion. Anyways... I am sure you didn't come to my blog to get my thoughts on the weather ;)


Black and White, baby! Today's first listing is one of my Chubby Bubble Button's in black and white called "Wicked,". The button shank is black with white freckles that have a spiffy little outline around the white dots from a glass reaction. The button's face is white chubby petals and a black and clear bubble button. This would make a super fun jewelry clasp or a closure for any other creative project you might have going on.
Today's SNEAK PEEK item is a 3 bead set called "Bubblicious". Set includes 2 black and white freckled spacers and one bubble poked eye style bead. This little set would make a cute pair of earrings and a pendant.


I always like to see how much I have grown artistically and I thought you might like to enjoy it with me. I had to remake an older set for my dear friend, Billie. Kim nabbed up the first set that was made back in '07.Here is a picture of the first set. Ok so I wasn't the best photographer back when I was taking pictures just a few years ago. As you can see I photographed on a bead mat instead of a white surface which I like WAY better ;) Pretty sweet beads huh? These beads were made with TONS of layers and 4 different canes!
Here is the re-make just 2 years later. Much better photographs huh?


Woo hoo! I am very flattered to have been chosen to be one of Glasscraft's Emerging Artisits :) Here is a photograph of my article featured in The Flow Magazine Fall 2009. Won't you celebrate with me? :D

I sure do LOVE it when the post man delivers boxes with this contents in them to my door :D:D:D I can't wait to dig in and make something pretty!

My first order of business is actually working with these little guys. This is heart cored cane by Creation is Messy. The one on the left is Cranberry and Gelly's sty heart cored cane and the one on the left is Gelly's sty and peace white heart cored cane. I am actually going to use these canes for their streakiness first before experimenting with the hearts. I am working on a birthday present in 104 glass trying to simulate some of BE's odd lots and making the design work. I will post my findings. Cross your fingers that I can get them to do what I want ;)


So you all should know Holly by now from my posts. She is totally digging on this Amigarumi stuff and looky what she made me!! *dies* It's a super cute little coffee cup! It is supposed to have a face, but she is still trying to track down the right eyes :) Isn't it amazing? :D It' makes me happy :D:D:D

Well I should get going. After this fantastically LONG blog post I am pretty darn hungry! Woo hoo for eggies and bacon!!

Have a fantastic day!

Much love,



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