Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The dust has settled.... for now

Hello friends!

Wow has it been awhile or what?! Life has been CRAZY to say the least. My sister's wedding and all of the family in town has finally subsided and life can go as back to normal as possible with the holidays right around the corner. So without further adieu here are today's listings....


Introducing "Mud Puddles," a collection 5 ivory hinted white lentil base is decorated with swirls of mixed paints in colors of: purple, green, yellow, brown, and blue with a dark muddy outline. This painterly look was made by a combination of "monet's not everything," frit and a mixture of other glasses.Here is a close up shot of the painterly swirls. Pretty sweet huh?

Today's SNEAK PEEK item is "Glimmer" a bead from my "Delicious Pod," series. Bubbles of Raku peek through a transparent pale brown base with raked dots of raku and droplets of transparent clear.

Well as you saw yesterday I got my design done for Art Beads. I was so happy with the results! I was told that I should be on the look out for a tweet about it from "Beadguy" on twitter. Now that I made the first one I want to make a super BRIGHT one as well! Maybe in the future I guess. I will just have to collect some pieces to make the next one ;)

I have a few other things that I want to make into some jewelry so I will be collecting beads for those as well and getting them together. Doesn't it always seem like when you want to work on a project you have like NONE of the supplies you need eventhough you have BOXES FULL OF BEADS? How the hell does that work out? *shrug* meh...


My sweet little baby girl, Kayla has turned into an adult girl dog. She got her doggie period the other day. Boo :( She is the first dog I have ever had that has been in heat. Not really knowing her true age it was hard to guestimate when her maturation would come. When we got her she was much to young for surgery. At any rate we have her penned up on in the area of the house with hardwood floors. She is sulking under the computer desk as I am typing to you. I'm sure she feels pretty crappy and is wondering why she is being put in doggie prison and not able to roam the house or the outdoors like she normally does. I heard that boy dogs are so about getting with girls that they will actually jump a fence to get to them, lovely... So our little girl is on doggie lock down for the next 2 weeks. It's going to be a LONG 2 weeks of tripping over the baby gate and surveying the back yard for outside playtime. Ugh... :(


Good question. I have to look over my list of ideas and see what's next. I have a whole little drawer of items to be photographed for the shop and some things to catch up on from the last few weeks. I really don't want to join the masses of crazy people gearing up for the holidays! Luckily I can hide out in my house out of range of the way-too-early Christmas music that will be blaring out of ever shop speaker as soon as Halloween passes :(

Well I suppose it's about that time. I am off to the studio to go forth and create.

Much love,



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