Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A few new goodies

Hello friends!

Wow! I have been out for a bit huh? I didn't even get a chance to post on here that I was attending Andrea Guarino-Slemmon's class for the weekend. If you have me as a fan or friend on FB you noticed my quick post and link, which also posted on Twitter. Horay for FB, Twitter, and Etsy linking up to eachother. They totally save me time! The class was just incredible! I will post my beads from class in a later blog. I figured since you hadn't seen some new stuff from me in a few days I would start there....


A fun pair of my Crazy 8's style earrings in pomegranate pink and sky blue in swirly BE odd lots. These dangly earrings are knotted with bright limey cord for lots of texture and visual appeal. Yay!

Today's SNEAK PEEK item is a "Magic Pool Stripe" pendant with a sky blue base, yellow, hot purply pink, and minty green with 3 swarovski dangles.


Well I wish I could say I was going to regurgetate all of the stuff I learned in class onto some new designs of my own, but can we say TOXIC?! If you don't know enamels and silver leaf and foil are extremely GORGEOUS, but also extremely TOXIC. Those fine particles of glass can get airborne and get into your lungs. The metals can also get into your lungs and cause problems later in life. No oxygen breathing machine for me, thanks! So, for the time being I don't get to use all of those SUPER AMAZING, NO LONGER AVAILABLE ENAMELS. Why do companies that make awesome stuff always decide to close up their doors? We got the pleasure of using Zimmerman powders only to find out that the older man that owned the business has passed away and the kids of the family don't want to take on the family biz. What a bummer!

Ricky and Brandon are going to put their heads together to get me a good ventilation system set up so that I can use my class stuff. So hopefully we can get that all figured out. Then I need to track down a good respirator to filter out all of those fine particles.

I will get some pics of my class beads up sometime later in the week when I get a chance. I want to get back down to my studio to make stuff. I have a few odds and ends I need to work on before making some new stuff. Can you believe it's almost NOVEMBER? Holy crap, where did the time go?!

Well I am going to go get some yummy breakfast and head down to the studio.

Much love,



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