Sunday, June 1, 2008

*Secret* B-day present revealed!

As promised... Here they are! The *secret* b-day beads! Aren't they cool? Here's a break down of what they are from left to right. Ivory with kitty paw prints and calico on the back, a gold fish on blue for water with "meow" on the back, a calico kitty with calico spots on the back, a heart with "love" on the back, a husky with a plain back, a dog bone on green for grass with "woof" on the back(My husband picked the green and blue for the bases, so I HAVE to give him credit for that ;) and white with black doggie paw prints on the front and black dots on the back :D

These beads are going to be turned into a bracelet sometime this afternoon. I will post a picture of that later as well.

Here is another set I made since I was finishing up the top set. This one is a calico kitty and 2 ivory lentils with kitty paw prints on the front and blank on the back. I made the cat eyes (also my hubby's suggestion) all googly since cat's have large eyes and they are totally CRAZY ;) This set is available for sale for $28.00. Contact me if you are interested otherwise this baby is going to be hitting a shop soon ;)

I am SUPER EXCITED about the beads I have in the kiln. More on that tomorrow ;)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Much love,



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