Saturday, November 9, 2013

Buried in Beads and Did ya see, WE'RE FAMOUS!

Hello friends!

I've been here or well there. Making beads as always. Making, making, making. They have been selling out before I can get them in the shop or posted here! That is pretty exciting! I'm so lucky to have such amazing customers and friends! Thank you all so much! 

So a few pics of things that are already gone to prove where I have been spending my time ;) 

Yep, they're ALL gone! Pretty huh?! Ok... well mostly. I have some of the lotus focals, but I need to reshoot some pics of them. I am currently working on a magazine submission with them so I needed to make more for the article ;) 

Um... YUM! Isn't this AMAZING?! I love it! Yes, it's gone to a new home ;)

and these... yes, Wing Dings. Yes... I know they have been out of stock lately and these are also gone...already. 

These are IN STOCK thought so that counts for something, right? Well they are for now. No promises  on how long they will be in the shop ;) 

I worked on some more beads in that bright yellow limey palette though. Just didn't get to everything. I made some other beads for a project I had in mind as well. You never know what you will want to use so may as well make a bunch just in case, right?

So here is all of what I made over the last 2 days. Some stuff was kinda random. I will be working and think, "Oh I should try..." So then I stop and make that and then carry on. Kinda A.D.D. I guess, but meh whatever. 

Some beach stone spacers in beachy glass colors, more purple Desert Serpents(DS's for short), along with some of those tealy headpins I made um, FOREVER ago! It was a start. I ran out of headpin wires so I only made a few for now. Looky! A Harvest Moon XL focal too to match my little set

Mmmm check out these stone babies! I am LOVIN' that pink and raku with the stone texture! So awesome!

They were awesome enough for 2 photos ;)

I'll admit, I made these beads in the center for my project. As you can see I made PLENTY, but better to have more than not enough ;) I will only need a few for my project.

More Urchins. One for me, the other for the shop. It's already in there ;)

More bright pretties! I was so excited about the set of spacers I made that I made more! Oh and medium coins too! I have been trying to stock some stuff that is currently in magazines, but I am not doing such a great job. The large stone focals are a substitute for the ones we have in Stringing Fall 2013. 

Did you know we were FAMOUS?! Yep! Check this out! A WHOLE PAGE! So is this like a glassy centerfold?! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

This is in the current issue of Bead Design Studio.

I made this collage to post with the other beads in my shop like it. This one on the page is still hanging out at the magazine's office. I had to add in my GB info on the bottom. Not to shamelessly promote, but because the collage chopped off the bead if I just used 3 photos. 

Well that is all for now. The new piles of beads need to be tied and priced. I will worry about shooting photos tomorrow. I need to hustle on my bead mag submission that I have been secretly been putting off! Shhhh. Lol. See you soon!

xo Genea


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