Monday, November 18, 2013

Lori Anderson- Amazing People that Enrich Your Life

Hello friends!

Today I want to tell you a story about how Lori Anderson has enriched my life. If you don't already know her she is the master mind behind the Pretty Things Blog and the Bead Soup Blog Party. I first met Lori through the BSBP. I have the privilege of being paired up with these amazing artists through this super creative and fun hop: Mary Harding, Gail Vanderster-Zwang, Heather Powers
Lori is an amazing person. She brings creative people together. I can't even imagine how hard it must be to, time after time, do these GIANT blog hops for all of us to come together an enjoy. She is a creative soul and fantastic designer. I had the pleasure of seeing some of Lori's amazing designs when I participated in her Cup of Bead Soup.

One of Lori's designs using beads from my cup of bead soup. 
Lori's bracelet created from my cup of bead soup.

So when I talk about her "bringing people together" I have her to thank for bringing one of my beady besties and me together. Staci and I met through the first BSBP in which  I participated. We loved each others beads immediately and messaged to tell one another. That message turned into a trade, which was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

These were the very first beads Staci and I traded. 

This first little sprout flourished into a more branches and leaves that bloomed into a collaboration.
That collaboration grew into doing a HUGE bead show together. Staci and me at Bead Fest Philly 2013.
I just love this girl to bits! I am so lucky to call her my friend and it's all because of YOU, Lori!

It was so nice to finally meet you at Bead Fest! To be able to thank the person that has enriched my life and connected me to this amazing group of artists I call friends. Thank you for everything you do Lori! We love you girl!!

To see how Lori has enriched others around her check our our post in Bead Soup Cafe. Stop by and tell Lori how she has changed your life!

xo Genea


maryharding said...

You are so right about Lori. Such a moving story you tell. Thanks so for sharing it.

Genea said...

Hey Mary! She is pretty awesome! Well she is the reason I got to connect with amazing artists like yourself Mary! Thanks so much for the creative time we have shared and for stopping by. xo Genea

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