Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Beads in the Shop and creativity at the C-K House.

Hello friends!

Are you tired from holiday prep already? I am already feeling the fatigue myself. It feels like there is so much to do and the days are FLYING by! Some of the newest beads managed to make it to the Etsy shop(YAY!), but don't delay! There is no telling how long they will be in there ;)  Want to see the new arrivals?

Here is the Q&D for you all that want a quick glimpse ;)

Beach Stones "Painted Desert"- Did you ever have those upcoming projects and you weren't sure what you were going to make, but you just decided to make a bunch just in case? Well that is what these spacers were. I guess I am over due for this combo. It's pretty nifty!

Beach Stones "Sea Glass Green"- YUM! I don't think I can ever fall out of love with this color. I only managed to make one set, but that is how "bead free stylin" goes. You make a little bit of whatever pops into your head ;)

Beach Stones "Yellow Lime blush"- You know how I love me some collections so what better to fit a collection than spacers?! 

Earth Stone Droplets "Desert at Dusk"- Boo! Only ONE? Yes.. that is how it goes. I had some singles, but only one pair. I ran out of baking soda by the time I got here. Something about using the stuff sitting on your table versus fresh out of the box. Go figure *shrug*

Earth Stone Droplets- "Painted Desert"- MMMm yes, ivory is always the answer. Add in some rainbows and you have a masterpiece!
"Sacred Om Lotus"(front)- I managed to make some more. This little baby will be featured in one of my upcoming magazine tutorials. You can expect to see it in March/April 2014! 

 "Sacred Om Lotus"(back)

Spiral Earth Stones "Yellow Lime Blush"- Hellz yeah! You know when you have a focal size, spacers, and headpins, you need to have a set as well. I love these rainbows on this vivid canvas! 

Do you make art? Do you have other areas where you excel besides your main medium. Well I do too! With the holidays fast approaching, Ricky and I have been busily creating things. It's nice to step outside of your normal creative area and do something different. I am always amazed at my well roundedness in art. It's pretty exciting :D
Like our studio, I mean kitchen?! You wouldn't believe the other piles. 2 creative people sure do make a hellacious mess! 

Here is my budding little artist at work. Normally Ricky spends his creative energy creating edible masterpieces in the kitchen. Who knew that he would get into mixed-media?! I won't lie, I have always dreamed of dating an artist or photographer. Who knew I had married one? *beams*
Here is one of his latest pieces. He wasn't really happy with it in the beginning and he is still working on it, but it really came together! You can't totally tell from the photo, but he learned this amazing layering technique. You use matte medium and tissue paper to create see through layers! It's SO amazing! I loved it so much I even used in in all of the pieces I have done! We went craft shopping and he had to check every place we went for cool tissue! Lol, so awesome that now he knows what it's like to be on the hunt for your favorite supply! 
Here is his other piece that is still being created. He started like 3 projects at a time. I was a little worried for him, but he proudly stated that in the videos he has been watching "they" tell you to work on more than one piece. Look at him "schooling" me on how to do art! 

Did you know the last art class Ricky had was in 8th grade?! He didn't get to take any art classes in highschool or college. What a bummer! Aren't you so impressed with his intuitive skills? I sure am! 
Here is his other piece. I really love this one! This is just the bottom layer.
Here is the finished piece! It's SO awesome! There are so many layers and texture. Some of the stars are even textured with some kind spackling paste! He is learning so much from these mixed-media you tube videos he has been watching.

Ricky's new work will be added to his Stache Art Etsy shop in time for holiday shopping! He will even be announcing his Black Friday plans soon. You can hear all about it on his facebook page.

Here are the projects on which I have been working. 

I started out with layers of torn up newspaper text. I wanted a nice base for my work.

Next I did drips of water colors and glued on crayons. I was inspired by the gagillion diy tutorials on melted crayons! 

Here is my melted crayon. I love that you can see the water color drips underneath as well :D 
I added a few of those tissue layers and I'm still not done. I have been building this piece in my mind and working on it slowly :)

For this second piece you can see I did the newspaper and tissue layering again as my base. You can see the text through the purple tissue.

I was inspired by this image I saw on Pinterest and decided to take that idea and put my "Genea Spin" on it.  Here you can see I added some other elements and raised all of my designs with some foam sticky tape. I love the glittery paper and jewels I found as well! 

Here is the finished piece! I am SO in love with it! It's hanging in my kitchen right now so I can admire it :)

What creative projects have you been making for the holidays? Are you anywhere near done or have you not even started yet?

xo Genea


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