Friday, February 21, 2014

Desert Serpent Beads Facebook Bead Preview Going on NOW!

Hello friends!

Have you missed the beads from the preview? Now is YOUR chance to grab some! I just posted the bead preview on my facebook page! To "call" your beads post on the photo of the beads you would like. Any beads that are left will make their way into the shop. Don't wait too long as the beads have been SELLING OUT the first day! 

That is all for today. I am up to my eyeballs in things to do. I need to get some designs created for a class I am submitting.

Bead Design Studio March/April issue is almost out! Get ready to have the cover KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF! Staci has an amazing tutorial using my "Ocean Urchin Egg" focal and I have a tutorial using my Spiral Earth Stone "Sahara" focal or the "Sacred Lotus" focal! Keep an eye out for the kits that will be appearing in my shop as soon as the mag hits the shelves!

See you soon!

xo Genea


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