Saturday, February 15, 2014

Recycled Sari Silk 18-10" Adjustable necklace- Video Tutorial!

Hello friends!

So I finally just decided to do this video tutorial. A long while back I did a step by step photo tutorial on this. Yes, it's easy and simple, but it is also: super pretty, recycled, and handy to have on hand. I had originally thought to offer it as a very inexpensive tutorial, but later just decided to botch that idea and do a free video instead. This simple necklace is perfect for: creating a quick gift, having a ready made piece to offer at shows, or for a great everyday simple piece. So before I show off the tutorial how about a little background on how it came to be and where the infatuation started.

So many years back in my early lampwork career I used to use things like rat tail. It worked, but the cording was so thin.

Then there were the inexpensive Chinese ribbon cords. Sure they came in a variety of colors, but there were still nothing compared to fairy silk, which was my true love in cording. Necklace from 2009ish? See where the "Bright Earth" Wing Ding palette originated? ;)

Fairy silk was so gorgeous and it's like it was made just to match with every color of glass. Vortex Flower necklaces from 2010.

The down side was that fairy silk was so expensive. It was over $8 a cord and with no wholesale license at the time there was no bulk order I could make. As much as I loved the cord it just wasn't cost effective for me.

Then I fell in LOVE with sari silk. It was not only GORGEOUS, but it was inexpensive, recycled(I love all recycled and re-used things), and available in batches with gorgeous color variations. I couldn't think of anything better!

When I first moved to my apartment I decided that I needed to leave my studio at mom's house. So I took that busy time with no lampworking to find other things to create. That is when I came up with the Recycled Sari Silk adjustable necklaces. I loved making them so much I sat down and mad a gagillion!

So my gift to you is this super fun, super easy, and super addictive, Recycled Sari Silk 18-20" adjustable necklace.

See how great this looks for this simple necklace?

Want to just show off that incredible focal on a simple cording? Viola! Necklace available here.

So get to work and make some of those recycled sari silk necklace cords!

See you soon!

xo Genea


Ann Schroeder said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I am definitely going to use it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Genea
I love every element of sari silk, I fishtail braid it with leather to use in bracelets to make them stronger. I think my absolute favorite place to buy it is Greensheepshop in the orange county area of LA. I have bought a lot of it and these are the most fabulous colors. I have bags full of it and I use it in scarves, purses etc. They are on the web so give them a looksee. Thanks so much for the tutorial!Debra Freeland

Genea said...

Hey Ann! So glad you will put this to use! It's been a favorite of mine for sure!

Me too, Debra! Oh I have not heard of them, but I will check them out. Thanks for the tip! Sure thing! Enjoy!

xo Genea

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