Friday, February 7, 2014

Beads and Babble

Hello friends!
Did you miss the facebook beads preview? The beads went FAST as usual(YAY!) so I will only have some "You should have seen 'em" photos to post on those.
Here was this weeks haul. People had been asking when I would have more of the "Purple Peacock" Desert Serpent beads available. I ordered more glass and used up the entire 1/2lb of glass and this is how much I got done. I guess somewhere in my mind I thought I would have been able to make more beads lol. Guess I will definitely be ordering way more than than next time around. I also blew through the teal glass as well. Same deal, used up ALL of the glass and here is what I got to make.

A few close-up's for ya. OMG so pretty! I just love everything about these beads!

A scale photo.

Close-up of the purple. *SLURP*

Mmmm just like jewels!

I did, however, run into some problems....
This...I bent about 12 mandrels trying to get my beads off of them. I am really sad the discontinued my favorite bead release :(:(:(
2 of my babies went to their beady grave. You can see at the top where the glass chipped around the hole where I tried to remove the beads :( Sadly they are still on the mandrels in this sad state. I will have to CUT the mandrel to at least salvage that part of it so I can re-use it.
I scored this battle scar from the first 6 beads and had to suffer through the rest. I *almost* lost an XL focal too! I put that baby in the freezer and then in hot water. LUCKILY the bead gods smiled upon me and released my bead from it's untimely death.
We FINALLY got that snow everyone else had been getting. It snowed ALL day on Tuesday. It was GLORIOUS.... until... they pulled out the plow for the parking lot and the leaf blower. Ugh.. the price of silence these days. 
Here was a photo that night of all of the snow. I think we got about 10 inches? Enough to have a lovely snow blanket across the landscape making it finally feel like winter.

I received my pretties from Cassie at Zenned Out!! Look at her pretty packaging!

I got a bracelet that says "You're Stronger Thank You think, and Braver Thank You Know" with an eye and a lotus, and a ring with fire that says "Fire Within Me". The whole quote goes "Sky above me, earth below me, fire within me." I just love these secret message pieces :D

Me sportin' my new jewelry :D

Cassie even took some photos of her loot! I snuck in a pair of my "Space-Age" pod earrings to go with her gorgeous pink hair!

She was sweet enough to model them and click a pic! Isn't she just darling?! The earrings match her hair perfectly!

I actually sat down to make some jewelry today. My jewelry supplies are so sadly neglected. I dump most of my funds into glass instead of jewelry supplies. I did, however, have some amazing things in my stash to put together! Tear drop hoop- Miss Fickle Media, Patinated Hoops- Starry Road Studio, Copper charms- S L Artisan Accents, Wooly Wire- Wooly Wire Etc., and the designs and lampwork beads and headpins by yours truly ;) 

Well that about wraps up my week for now. Tonight it's cheap tacos at one of our favorite local Mexican markets! I am headed over to the studio tomorrow. So I will be back with more goodies after Tuesday.

See you soon!

xo Genea


Anonymous said...

Hi Genea
Just got my lovely starfish bead. Love it so much and I'm sure my daughter will love her bracelet. I would have reviewed it on etsy but my son had cleaned my computer and wiped out everything even all my favorites. I spent 2 days trying to find everyone again! Thanks so much for the gift also. Will order again in the future. Debra Freeland

Genea said...

Hey Debra!
I'm so glad it arrived safely! I'm so glad you love it and can't wait to see what your daughter thinks! I would love to see pics when you are done with your creation! Awww I bet that was frustrating. I'm glad you found me again! You are most welcome. xo Genea

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