Thursday, February 13, 2014


Hello friends!

Don't walk, RUN to the shop NOW! No, I mean it! Just a few sets and pairs left and you WON'T want to miss out! Infact they may be gone by the time you get there! They tend to go quickly and it's been, um, ahem, a little while since I had some in stock...
Q&D view of the beads that are left as we speak.

Spiral Earth Stone "Electric Lime" XL coin bead. A BIG MAMMA JAMMA of a focal bead in mouth watering electric lime. The SUPER RARE lime you won't want to let slip by! I was lucky enough to get some of this incredible odd lot glass 8 LONG YEARS after it's production! I have a very limited quantity of it and I will be making what I can in my collections of beads until I am out. It was VERY expensive to get and the chances of me getting more are very slim to none. So I can't stress enough how if you love these beads you should get them while you can!
Wing Dings Beach Stone "Electric Lime Silver Thread" pairs- OH.. MY... GOD.. these are SO LUSCIOUS! Maybe you remember the amazing pair of earrings I made for myself with these beads below. They are some of my VERY favorites and I was so glad I saved these for me!
Hoops and earwires by-Miss Fickle Media, and Copper Charms by Starry Road Studio.
Wing Dings Beach Stones "Orchid Rainbow Leopard" -Pink? Purple? Rainbows? Stone? WING DINGS?! OMG!

Wing Dings "Bright Earth" my most beloved color palette of Wing Dings! I was excited to stock these again. I have been anxiously awaiting a restock of one of the colors from the distributor for months! Luckily I had enough glass to get a few sets made before running out... again(story of my life!)! This mouth watering set is made from odd lot batches of glass and gorgeous color shifting glasses! 

Here is a photo of the necklace by Kaushambi Shah in Jewelry Stringing Spring 2014! Isn't it gorgeous?!

Well that is all for today. I have lots of beads to tie up and orders to pack. 

See you soon!

xo Genea


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