Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stocking up the shops! Beads & Jewelry!

Hello friends!

It's been kind of a crazy week. I feel like I am permanently revved on high lately. I am busily working on stocking up my shops for the busy holiday season! I haven't told you, but I am going on a week long road trip with a friend to Michigan. We will be doing some of her wedding plan for their wedding in June. So exciting! I have never been to Michigan and I can't wait to go to the great lakes! I do miss living by Lake Michigan. Did you know I grew up in Racine, Wisconsin? Yep, sure did! Oh and yeah... I do like cheese ;P

Anyways, so today I got some great things up in my bead and jewelry shop! Wanna see?!

Beads that have been in the shop before and are currently re-stocked.
Desert Serpent Jewel "Mermaid" focal. Super awesome because this baby is etched with a  shiny dot! 
Desert Serpent Jewel "Mermaid" bead set. After making the focals these seem so tiny. They are so pretty with their big bubbly shiny dot against that matte blue teal! 
Desert Serpent "Just Rust" bead set. Mmmmm love that terra cotta! So dreamy! Oh and it matches with one of the Sea Horse Hearts too!
Spiral Earth Stones "Black Lava"- everyone loved these ones! I just love these textured surfaces! So awesome! 

NEW in the Bead Shop!
Ocean Serpent Egg "Teal Tides". Um.... Yeah, can you believe this bead?! It is SO gorgeous! I am just so enamored with this style bead! 

Oh and if the front and back aren't luscious enough, look at the side!
Do you see all those spots right there? Doesn't it look the way water does when the sun hits it and shimmers over the top. Wow... 
Endless Ocean "Teal Tide" spacers. Every bit as gorgeous, but tiny. All of those same pretty details. the little ripples under the surface, spatters of rainbows. Mmmmm. The teal just really glows.
Ocean Serpent Egg "Fathomless Blue"- after a line in a BT song I like. I looked at this color and that is all I could thing. Such a perfect name. 
Endless Ocean "Fathomless Blue" spacers. So deep, so pretty.
Ocean Serpent Egg "Aqua Tide"- Wow you can really see the spottys on this one. I just have to keep looking at these beads. There is so much beauty to be found! I had to keep looking at this one and the teal since they are really similar looking. As you look closer you can see the teal is actually more green. 
Endless Ocean "Aqua Tides" spacers. See what I mean? You see those flashes of green, but then blue too. So awesome.

NEW in the Jewelry & Art shop...
Coffee Time "Mystery Mix"- One of my coffee cup and coffee bean wall art frames. Named after my favorite purple and lime green candy as a kid(now and laters mystery mix). I will have another 3 up in the shop coming up, but I am just about out of these amazing frames!
"Sunset Poppy" ring. Do you love poppies? I do, everything about them from their little stripey centers to their amazing pods. Such gorgeous flowers. They bloomed ALL over Portland, OR. I can't wait to get a nice yard so I can fill my garden with lots of different varieties :) I guess I will just have to settle for the glass ones for now ;)
"Rainbow Serpent Tide"- a gorgeous mixed-media necklace with my new "Ocean Serpent Egg" focals. Now you know what to do with those focals, spacers and s-clasps :)
"Galapagos Gears" earrings. Don't you just love this tealy blue? So pretty and one of my favs! Oh and see those pretty glazed discs? Marsha is STILL trying to get that perfect glazing combo again. So these babies are super special! Oh I forgot to mention the weeny dings are an odd lot glass too!

"Bright Patina" earrings. Um... yum! First you know these are my favorite colors, but add my beads with some of Marsha's discs and Karen's patinated hoops! Magical!

"Turning Leaves Tribe"- These earrings just kind of fell together! I just love that! I was working on a run of coral beads in this style and I had Karen's Clay Dings laying out. I did some matching enameled hoops and voila! Now these are for those of you that can not only rock the long earrings, but the heavy ones too. These are a bit heavier than most of my earrings. 

What else is new??

Well I was the LUCKY winner of the Art Bead Love Tour! Yep, I picked out my goodies and had a blast artfully adding my beads to the chain. I just need to get my pics edited before doing the giveaway to the next super lucky winner! So keep an eye out for that coming up soon.

Ok well I have been at it ALL day and I am pooped! See you soon!

xo Genea


Mellisa said...

Oooh the eye candy!! I've had poppies on the brain and have been experimenting with some in porcelain lately...of course the way I do things it will take a month to get then photographed! Love yours!

Genea said...

Hey Mellisa! Thanks for stopping by! Oh sounds wonderful! I would love to see them when you get them finished :) Lol, photographing IS such a chore! Well it will be worth the wait! Thanks so much <3 xo Genea

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