Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Jewels from the desert- Shop Update

Hello friends!

I suppose you are wondering why there hasn't been more content on my blog recently other than shop updates. Well the reality isn't so amazing so I've been keeping it off of here. I do have some news I will be sharing early next week, but until then I will just get to my shop updates. They really are the bright spot in my day :)

So a few more goodies in the Desert/Midnight theme and a little twist...
"Desert Serpent" these are back in the shop! I just LOVE this style I created. So natural with a burst of rainbowy goodness.  I would have liked to have made more especially some in a focal size, but I ran out of IVORY. Wa, wa, wa...

"Onyx Rainbow Sands" a little sampling of everything awesome in the way of this deserty theme. 

"Painted Desert Pods" maybe you remember seeing a few of these that I sent to Staci of Artisan Accents for our swap. Well now how about some for EVERYONE?! :D

Tornado Candy Ruffle Button "Midnight Jewel"- so you remember that new focal kick I got on? How about these colors?! I originally made this to match these mash up sets and the headpins(they sold, but I'll be making more ;)
Desert Serpent "Just Rust"- so you all know how I LOVE red roof tile, right? Well I figured I would give this style I came up with a try on it. WOW! Aren't these awesome? So why aren't there more matching beads to go with these?(I ran out of this color too! More on the way though ;)
I even named these beads after a Fiona Apple song .

Well that concludes my update for now. We actually had a snow day here in Portland the other day. Ricky and I ventured out and took some photos. I will get those edited and up here in a few days :D

See ya soon!

xo Genea


Courtney said...

I am loving that top set!!!

Genea said...

Thanks so much Courtney! It's one of my favs! :D

xo Genea

Libby Leuchtman said...

I am with Courtney that top set is killer!

Genea said...

Thanks Libby! Something about this combo. I love to work in more neutral/ earthy colors when I can still add my raku :D

xo G

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