Thursday, January 12, 2012

Metamorphosis of Design "Tornado Candies" and Shop Update!

Hello friends!

Do you remember me talking about these beads? I kinda got off on a tangent after creating them and created my first FREE tutorials(on my left side blog bar) with one of the focal beads. I got all of these babies photographed inbetween passing clouds the other day. Just got them all edited and up in the shop today. 

So before moving along to the listings I want to talk with you about the designs. You know how I am about the process :D So I guess I just kinda kept going with the lime greens, teals and aquas. I did that run of Vortex Flowers and it was just easy to keep working in the same colors.

I decided to SUPER SIZE my "Tornado Candy" design. This came about when I did my trade with Staci Klinger Smith from Staci Louise Originals. When we did our trade she had asked if I did the "Desert Serpent" style beads in a focal size. Hmmm.. no I didn't, but sure could! I was really pleased with the results so I decided to do the same with the "Tornado Candy" style.
As I create I kinda get side tracked sometimes. I keep getting ideas like "Hey, what if I did that? or What if I add this"? So that is EXACTLY what I did!

Here are the focals. They are kind of in the order they were created except the transparent daisy topped one was the last one.  So the large Tornado Candy was first, then how about a ruffle? OOoo pretty! How about a ruffle and a bubble button? SWEET! How about a daisy?! Maybe opaque and transparent?  Hmmm... kinda cool, but the transparent rakes on top(which you cant see) didn't quite turn out right. Ummmmm FRIT, YES FRIT. Oooo schweet! It kinda looks like tye-dye! Oh, what if I did ALL transparent?? SUH-WHEET! It's so SHINY!
So there they were. I had them sitting on my bead table when I made that tutorial for Holly so I just scooped up one of them and made the finished piece.

So inbetween there, I just made a TON of these little "Dizzy Daisy Discs". They work up pretty fast and they are so pretty. Instead of creasing them all the way down to the bead hole, they are only creased through the outer transparent layer leaving a spiral disc in tact for the middle.

Well you know me, I just can't leave things simple, so I had to make some "Tornado Pods" too. Especially after making the swirl pods. I used transparents this time. They are really pretty except you can see the whole headpin wire through them. You can't really tell that I used the yellow green and pale aqua inside 2 of them since they are SO pale, but they are there!
Pretty sweet eh?! So I suppose you want some links huh? ;)

I hope you enjoyed reading about the story behind these beads.

Have a fantastic rest of the week!

xo Genea


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