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Wire-Wrapped Spiral Bail Dangles Tutorial(Part 2)

Hello friends!

After some consideration I decided to create Part 2 of the "Wire-Wrapped Spiral Bail" tutorial!

Through this process I also decided to offer a kit as well so that you can complete your very own "Tornado Candy Ruffle" pendant/necklace!

Just a quick note on the tutorial. I didn't have a tripod so in some photos where you will need both hands I had to picture the plyers just displayed with the instruction. ;)

Wire-Wrapped Spiral Bail Dangles


Supplies for part 1
1 ruler
19 gauge dark annealed steel wire
A pen of any kind(think of how large you would like the hole of your bail to be)
Round nosed plyers
Nylon Jaw Flat nosed plyers(photo shows regular flat nosed)
Chain nose plyer(optional)(not pictured)
2- gun metal 3mm round beads(not pictured)
Genea Beads-"Tornado Candy Ruffle"  focal(not pictured)

Supplies for Part 2 
Round nosed plyers
Flat nosed plyers
(or 2 sets of plyers for opening jump rings)
Bent chain nosed plyers
"Tornado Candy Ruffle" Kit 
"Tornado Candy Ruffle" lentil focal-28mm w/ 3/32 bead hole
"Spiral pod" glass headpin-15mm tall by 7mm across on 22 ga dark annealed steel wire 5"(not including glass pin)
"Swirly Spacer" 7mm w/ 1/16th bead hole
"Swirly Ruffle Daisy Disc" 18mm w/ 1/16th bead hole
18-20" black adjustable necklace cord
4-mini leather crimps
4-4mm aluminum jump rings
3-7mm aluminum jump rings
1 1/4" of electroplated gun metal chain
3-3mm round gun metal beads
2-Chameleon 6mm rubber o's
1-Sky 6mm rubber o
1- Light Grass Green 6mm rubber o
1- New Sky 10mm rubber o
2- 2" .05 turquoise leather
1- 1 Ft. 19gauge dark annealed steel wire
dry cloth or paper towel (optional)
First grasp your already made bail loops in one hand and firmly hold. Grab your bent chain nosed plyers and grasp the bottom loop. Turn the loop sideways. 

Pick up your 7mm jump ring and open the jump ring side to side with your flat nosed and bent curved nosed plyers. Sorry for the fuzzy photo, this was so hard to do w/ no extra hands to photograph.
Attach your 7mm jump ring do the bottom bail loop.

Slide on 10mm New Sky rubber O. Grasp the jump ring with your flat nosed and bent chain nosed plyers and close the jump ring by moving your plyers side to side again to close the ring.

Take another 7mm jump ring and add it to the bottom of the 10mm New Sky rubber o and close the jump ring.

Take a 4mm jump ring, open it and attach it to the center of the bottom bail loop, adding the length of gun metal chain. Close jump ring.
These pins do leave a bit of black behind so you can put the pin in a  dry cloth or paper towel and run it through a few times to remove some of the black. Pick up your "Spiral Pod" glass headpin and with your round nosed plyers grip the wire a little space above the glass bottom.
Bend the wire at a 45 degree angle.

Push the wire over the top of the plyers.

Adjust your plyers so they lie flat and push the wire back to complete the wire-wrapped loop.

Attach the "Spiral Pod" glass headpin to the bottom of the 7mm jump ring.

With your round nosed plyers grasp across the loop you made(not through it) and wire wrap down until you touch the top of the glass headpin.
Now wire wrap the wire back to the top where the loop you made is.

**This part was a bit harder with the steel wire since it's quite a bit stiffer than other metals. You can skip this part if you wish and continue back up and down the lengh of wire wraps making a "messy style" wrap.**
With your hands thread the wire back through the jump ring to make a double loop for the "Spiral Pod" dangle.
If you get a bit of black from the wire on the rubber o, you can wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Pull the wire tightly to make the second loop the same size as the first. You may use plyers to help you along if it is easier.

Grasp both wire loops with your round nosed plyers and wire wrap down to the top of the glass headpin.

Now coil the wire around wider to fit the base of the glass headpin.
Cut off the excess wire.

Take your bent chain nosed plyers and "tuck" the end of the wire wrap.

Pick up your "Spiral Ruffle Daisy Disc" and slide a length of leather through the bead hole. Center the leather.

Fold up the two ends of leather into a mini leather crimp. You will hold the leather pieces in the crimp with hole end of the crimp. Leather will stick out of the crimp on top. **When placing the leather in the crimp you want to make sure not to place the crimp too close to the top of the daisy so that it may move freely in the loop you create.**

With your other hand you can fold the crimp into a "tee-pee" or triangle shape(where each crimp side folds up and touches in the center.**(I give a second fold over crimp technique below if you prefer one over the other. Skim down to the addition of the spiral spacer part to see the other technique.)**
In this photo you can see the leather sticking out of the top of the crimp as explained in a few steps earlier. Your other hand will actually be holding this part as you take the bent chain nosed plyers in the other hand and squeeze the crimp flat.

Take your cutters and snip the excess wire that sticks out of the top.

Take one of your Chameleon 6mm rubber o's and slide it over the crimp and onto the leather.

Pick up a 4mm jump ring and slide it through the crimp hole.

Attach the daisy to the bottom of the gunmetal chain and close the jump ring.
Pick up your "Swirly Spacer" and slide a 2" length of leather through the hole. Center the leather.

Fold up both ends of leather in the mini crimp.

**This is the other way to crimp the mini crimp as mentioned above.** With your bent chain nosed plyers fold over one side of the crimp.

Fold over the other side of the crimp on top of the first part and squeeze flat.

Trim excess leather that sticks out of the top.
Take your Sky 6mm rubber o and string it over the crimp and onto the leather.

Finish stringing on other 6mm rubber o's, Chameleon, and light grass green.

Open your last 4mm jump ring and put it through the crimp hole and attach it to the bottom bail loop. Close jump ring.
Your "Tornado Candy Ruffle" pendant is completed! Hooray! :D Slide the pendant on the 18-20" adjustable necklace cord and wear!

Here is what the pendant looks like worn. **Colors are slightly off due to lighting. **

I hope you enjoyed these free tutorials!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
xo Genea


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