Monday, January 23, 2012

NEWS and a SALE!

Hello friends!

Well I finally have some news for you. I've been lying low for awhile so you haven't read all of the things going on in my life at the moment. Who wants to read about all of that crap all the time anyways? :( So first off I will tell the news as I have just posted about it on Facebook.

I will be going back home to Kansas City for a few months due to some family things. I just need to be home with my mom.  I know that's pretty vague, but the full details aren't mine to share so that will have to suffice.  I will be staying with mom for a little while while Ricky stays in Portland. So I guess that is about as much as I can tell for now. 
Ok so we aren't really going by wagon, but I couldn't help but add a pic of Oregon Trail into my blog for some comic relief.  We will actually be traveling by car. 

I will be taking myself and the dogs to KC so I need to drive back since it's too cold to fly all of us and probably just about as expensive. We are leaving on the 28th of this month! I am thankfully traveling with my friend, Holly from Kansas City! I am looking forward to our girl cross country road trip. I'm hoping not to hit some bad weather as we pass over the mountains. KC really hasn't gotten hammered with crazy wintery weather yet much this year so I am hoping it will hold off until I make it home safely.


So where is the sale info on this thing?! Ok well here we go. Traveling costs have SKY ROCKETED so to help with traveling costs I am having a sale! Who doesn't love a sale?! So from now through Tuesday at midnight I am offering 30% OFF STORE WIDE with the coupon code "TRAVELKC". Enter this code at check out for the discount to be applied!

Thanks for checking up on me! See you soon!
xo Genea


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