Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why the BIG paws?

A bear walks into a bar to order a drink. 
The bear says to the bartender "I'd like a gin and........................................................................................... tonic. 
The bartender says "Why the big pause?" 
The bear says "I dunno, I've always had them". :D:D:D

This was one of those old silly jokes I heard from my sister. I guess my mind is a lot like Bumble Bee from Transformers. My mind works in clips of videos, music and silly things of that nature.

So what does this have to do with my post? Well if you remember I am working on the paw print jewelry and keychains for Advanced Animal Care of Colorado. Well as you may know I am quite particular about the quality of my beads, right? So since I am such a harsh critic of my work I decided to let my husband critique the paw print beads I made thinking he wouldn't be as picky as myself.

Want to see the ones he rejected?
Yep, ALL of them. Every last one! So you are wondering to yourself. How did these get rejected? They look like paw prints the hearts are pretty. I'm confused!
Ok so here are 2 more paw prints. On the right you have the one that "failed" on the left  you have the one that "passed". So why did one pass and one fail? If you look at the bead on the right Ricky didn't like the more "horse shoe" shape of the dog pad and the fact that the dotted toes were so close to the top of the bead. Did your heart sink? Mine kinda did too.... BUT, he was right about some things....

I do really like the more "heart" shaped pad on the left paw print and making the paw print smaller and more centered did make it look better. I guess the right paw print is kinda big and looks maybe more like a bear paw(hence the opening joke).

So back to the drawing board I went and made all new ones!

The order will resemble these two prints. The pendants have the red hearts on the back and the keychains have polka dots.
So where are ALL of those "rejected" beads going? The landfill? HEAVEN'S NO. I can't hardly throw away anything I could think about recycling! After all there really isn't anything wrong with them perse, they are just different than what our idea for them was.  So yes, beads are rejected from the studio based on FUBAR results AND design "mishaps" if you will.

These beads  go to the place all rejected beads go, my mom's bead box ;)

These beads enjoy a happy "second life" in her bead box to be made into whatever else she thinks up. Why don't I sell the "seconds"? Well quality, of course! I want only my very best work out in circulation! Something we can both feel happy about :D

Now on to finish up the order....


Still working on getting the new jewelry shop up and running and everything in it's proper order. Listings to come soon....

Working on some glass testing and prepping for the holidays!

Are you ready for all of that Christmas shopping yet???!

See you soon!

xo Genea


somethingunique said...

Hi Genea, i think your a little to hard on of the reasons i love art beads so much is....well there not so perfect..although i can see your point of view as well..i do wireworking and if my loops are not just perfect the wire gets cut off and i redo you say you want quality work out in circulation...but i still think all of the paws look great and i would love to get my paws on some so i will stay tuned for the ones you are going to sell.
take care and have a great Friday :)

Genea said...

Hi Somethingunique!

I agree ;) That is why I had my hubby critique. Who was expecting that he would be more critical?! lol.

The reason we switched to make the ivory paws more like the black paws is so they all matched in both colors. Otherwise the ivory paws would have looked different yanno?

Ha! See ;)

I would be glad to let you know when I have some available :)

Take care!

You do the same!

xo Genea

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