Thursday, November 17, 2011

What do wings, eyes and hearts have in common?

Hello friends!

No, it's not some riddle like the ones you hear in movies with no answer. It's my NEW Ruffle Ribbon Eye Hearts! You may have remembered the black and white design I posted first just before my move into the new apartment. I expanded this design with some layers of transparents to give them more color and depth!

Here is the one you might recall seeing "Escape" .

If you remember awhile back you might recognize my "Rainbow Ruffle Ribbon" hearts. This design inspired the "Ruffle Ribbon Eye Hearts"! I wanted to add an eye on top of this design a LONG time ago, but just finally got an opportunity!
So how does this new design look in color with more layers under the eye? Like this!!

Ruffle Ribbon Eye Heart- "Sea and Earth". Wonderful turquoise, teal and milk chocolaty brown. Lots of layers and transparents for amazing depth!

So what makes these even better?(besides more color, of course!) the new "eye" pins that come along with them as an extra bonus! As you know I have been loving creating funky glass headpins. This is no exception. So for now you can only get one of these special pins with the heart focal!
Ruffle Ribbon "Fuchsia Vision"- Pink and purple are always pretty together! Layers of lilac, lavender, and light rose with a bright fuchsia to make things pop!

Here is a shot of the awesome "eye" pin that is included!
"Starry Eyed"- another crying eye inspired design in some of my favorite Bullseye odd lot colors. I am so sad I am out of this amazing violet! You can see the lovely streaks in the base and if you look closely  you can see the amazing "water color" look in the lime dots. They are greenish, blueish, whitisy with whispys. So awesome!

Here is a shot of the star back. It has a little green flatttened dot on the back. It's very pale against that vivid yellow, but lovely none the less ;)

Yep, that is it for today. I have some other things that need to be photographed and some other wall art and jewelry that I need to list, but that requires getting the other shop up and running! ;)


I was surprised and somewhat relieved to find out that I'm not the only one with anxiety about getting all of my "i's" dotted and "t's" crossed. It seems like a handful of you are in the same boat I am with getting ready for the holidays, daily life and just keeping everything in order and moving in the right direction.

So what's on my list? Well I need to get things organized in the new shop, photograph glass tests, make Christmas presents, make new work, get some things made for the PDX Etsy team event at West Elm(which I am really excited about!!) and uh a bunch of other stuff that is bouncing around in the empty hallways of my mind that I can't remember at this second! lol.

So what's going on with the Etsy group? We are making some sweet promo buttons. Members have been asked to create some 1.5" images of their work ! How cool huh? West Elm is putting on an event with our team on December 1st! So if you happen to be in Portland, stop on by from 6-9pm to check it out and meet our creative collective!

Here is Brooke Weeber's images for the buttons! 
Aren't they amazing?! You can check out Brooke's shop here!

I'm really excited to go through my images to choose which photos of my work I would like to include. What's the most amazing thing about the event on December 1st? My mom is flying into town to visit so we get to go together!!

Well I suppose I should get going to work on my button designs. Any suggestions of my work that you think I should use??

See ya soon!

xo Genea


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