Monday, August 30, 2010

Inspired- neck deep in mixed-media

Hello friends!

I keep forgetting that I can just type you a quick blip with a picture instead of having this super long super detailed blog every time ;)

You have not heard from me in a few days since I have been super inspired and neck deep in my mixed-media jewelry piece.Here is a teaser picture. As you can see lots of construction going on. So far it took me 4 days to make the beads. I will say that not all of them turned out how I wanted and it took me a few to get the design the way I wanted. I just got all of my soldered charms taped up and ready for solder. I was actually just getting ready to set up everything to get my solder on, but thought I would send you a quick hello and let you know what I was up to :D

I got a few more supplies along with some amazing "found objects" from mom's house :D I'm super excited to be creating all sorts of amazing things for you!

See you soon!

Much love,



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