Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Black & White & awesome all over

Hello friends!

I am excited to be offering some black and white and round beads in the shop today along with a rainbow ruffle ribbon heart :D

This cool weather has me feeling fantastic! I love having my windows open with the fans pulling in all of the lovely fresh air. The house is happy to be breathing as well. I can totally tell :) The dogs have been glued to the windows and back door watching for anything that might be trying to sneak in their yard!

I have been BUSY in the studio making some new beads for some designs that have been bouncing around in my head. I have been making them for the last 3 days and still probably have a few more days of lampworking and then some soldered charm making after that! These new pieces are going to be f*ing amazing! So I will give you some hints as to what I have "brewing". I am working on some coffee themed things and then maybe something with a recycling theme. I am ALL about this new mixed media stuff I have been seeing. I love the artistic and whimsical style!


Black and white baby and ROUND! Can you believe it?! Sometimes you need to pull up your sleeves and bust out the intricate stuff to make sure you still got it ;) Looks like I do indeed :D
"Tuxedo" BIB(bead-inside-a-bead-hollow)- Dizzy spirals of white are embraced by a band of thick black. Raked be-dotted tear drops accent the sides along with some tiny black dotties. Inner bead is a black and white poked eye bead(the one with the bubbles trapped inside). I just LOVE these style beads. They are definitely the "unicorns" of lampwork beads. Not many people make them so I like to push the envelope and make them more and more intricate every time I create them. They sure are a PITA to clean though! Let me tell ya! The "dinge" you may see is particles of bead release or condensation inside the hollow. It looks way worse from the camera than it does with your own eyes.

"Inverted"- a set of 9 rounds. Intricate masked dot beads and simple dotted spacers. Every now and again you have to bust out these designs to show you still got it ;)

Rainbow Ruffle Ribbon Heart- "Mirror, Mirror"- super reflective clear encases a dizzy black spiral. Ruffly ribbons of white and black hug the sides. On the top a raked white heart with polka dots finishes off the design. I just love this style heart. It's so SHINY!

Well I must be on my way. I am meeting up with my friend Tina to go enjoy a walk in this gorgeous weather!

Have a terrific night!

Much love,



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